G96 Gun Oil

G96 Gun Oil is the same product as the G96 Complete Gun Treatment but in liquid form instead of aerosol.

G96 Gun Oil is a cleaner, lubricant and protectant. It does a whole lot more than just lubricate unlike other gun oils. G96 Gun Oil contains a solvent that will remove powder fouling, lead fouling, copper fouling, dirt, grease, rust, corrosion and other contaminates/debris. Use it the exact same way as you would a gun cleaner or solvent. Put it on a clean patch and wipe the bore and then brush and then patch. Use it on trigger assemblies, rifle bolts and actions. It’s a very effective cleaner.

G96 Gun Oil is an advanced lubricant that will not freeze, oxidize, gum-up or evaporate. Wipe it on…let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe the excess off with a clean cloth or patch. It will minimize friction between all moving parts and reduce wear.

G96 Gun Oil is also a metal protectant. It will form a micro-thin barrier between metal surfaces and the elements. It will prevent corrosion from water, salt spray and human fingerprints. It’s also safe for polymer guns.

I ran across several gunsmiths and custom gun shops that use G96 to clean customer guns. They love it.

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G96 Gun Oil