FrogLube FrogTube Giveaway

*******************October’s winner is Dave Mitchell from Nashville TN*********************


Gun Cleaning is sponsoring a FrogLube FrogTube/Viper BoreSnake giveaway this month. Here’s what you can win for free (you don’t even pay for shipping):


FrogLube 5 Piece FrogTube cleaning kit which includes:

  • 1 oz FrogLube solvent
  • 4 oz FrogLube CLP paste
  • 1.5 oz FrogLube CLP squeeze tube
  • Cleaning brush
  • Lint free towel


  • Hoppe’s .22 cal Viper Boresnake
  • Hoppe’s .30 cal Viper Boresnake


This is a perfect cleaning kit for any tactical type weapon like an AR-15 or AK-47. Froglube is 100% non-toxic and very effective at not only cleaning but also lubricating and protecting. If you haven’t tried FrogLube, this is your opportunity to do so absolutely FREE.


The Hoppe’s Boresnake is the perfect field or home cleaning tool to scrub and clean a firearm barrel efficiently. It has embedded wire brushes that scrub the barrel and heavy duty cotton woven rope that wipes the bore clean. It’s also machine washable.


So how do you win this cleaning kit Free?

….just send an email to giveaway (at) guncleaningtips (dot) com. In the subject line put “Froglube Giveaway” and then put your full name in the body of the email. That’s it!

*****All entries will be put in a fishbowl and one name will be drawn. The winner will be notified*****

***If you promote this giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, blog, website or gun forum, you will get 2 extra entries.

P.S. You must reside in the United States to enter. No international shipments.