FrogLube CLP Paste

FrogLube CLP is simply one of the slipperiest (if that’s even a word) CLP’s I’ve ever used or tested….BAR NONE!

Frog Lube CLP Paste

I’ve performed several friction and metal wear tests along with function tests with 2 Glocks and nothing….and I MEAN NOTHING beats FrogLube CLP for lubrication/friction reduction.

That’s only part of the package….FrogLube CLP is also non-toxic and has a mild pleasant minty smell. It’s actually USDA approved as a Bio Preferred product too. So it’s totally safe for humans or animals.

Did I also say that it cleans extremely well and will protect metal surfaces from corrosion for weeks?..even when exposed to water.

FrogLube is available as a liquid or paste. The paste is great for bore brushes. It sticks to the bristles and gets applied to the bore more easily. You can also apply it to patches or rags when cleaning or protecting all metal surfaces on firearms. The paste stays put whereas liquids tend to run or drip.

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