FrogLube CLP Application Tips

Froglube can be used on a warm or cold firearm but it really works best when the firearm metal is warm or hot to touch (120-180 degrees). When metal is warm or hot the microscopic pores are larger which helps in 2 ways when cleaning a gun. First, the metal pores open as the metal is heated. This allows fouling to loosen its grip on the metal and can be removed more easily. Second, open pores allow a cleaner or lubricant to penetrate deeper.

Froglube CLP gun cleaner

FrogLube CLP works much better when applied to warm or hot to touch firearms.

So how do you get the metal warm or hot?

You can clean your gun immediately after shooting it at the gun range. This way the metal is hot and the fouling will come out easily. If this is not possible then you can heat the metal parts at home with a heat gun or blow dryer or even leave the parts outside in the direct sunlight for a few hours.

I bought a heat gun to heat up gun parts before cleaning them. It only takes a few minutes to heat up a slide or barrel to 150 degrees.

Wagner Heat Gun

I then apply a liberal amount of Froglube CLP and let it soak for an hour or two. Then I scrub the barrel bore with a brush and then patch it. Froglube really penetrates warm metal and dries to form a barrier against friction, fouling and corrosion.