CorrosionX For Guns Review

CorrosionX is a new technology cleaner, lubricant and protectant or CLP. It’s made in the USA and non toxic. It penetrates carbon and metal fouling and loosens it so a bore brush and patch can remove it easily. After several uses, fouling will decrease as the metal becomes treated. It also lubricates and protects firearm parts better than PTFE (Teflon) suspension solutions. CorrosionX penetrates and adheres to metal surfaces to create a barrier against friction and fouling.

CorrosionX for guns

I have used Corrosion X for Guns on my Glocks and it does work well. It’s very similar to Archoil AR-4200. There is no odor and its light gray in color. It coats metal surfaces evenly and stays put. I love the fact that there is no ordor and its non toxic. It won’t smell up the house.

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Reviews on CorrosionX For Guns are excellent. It received 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. Customers really like it lubricative and protectant properties. The only negatives were price and it’s ability to remove rust. It’s not really designed to remove rust but to prevent rust.