Clean Guns While Still Warm or Hot?

Should you clean your guns while they are still warm/hot from shooting?

While fouling may be easier to remove when guns are warm or hot, the higher temperature may cause your gun cleaner to evaporate before it has a chance to soak into the fouling/carbon. Gun cleaner soak/penetration is much more important in gun cleaning. If the gun cleaner does not penetrate the layers of carbon and powder residue, it will not remove it.

The ideal gun cleaning scenario is to submerge the barrel and action in gun cleaner at a temperature of about 90-95 degrees for an extended period of time(hours).

2 critical aspects of gun cleaning will make or break it.

  1. Use a gun cleaner that is water based or with a low viscosity(not oil or alcohol or acetone based).
  2. Soak time of 10 minutes, while wet.