Cheap 9mm Pistol Gun Cleaning Kit

The UTG 9mm pistol cleaning kit is a great, cheap or basic pistol cleaning kit. For under $15, you get a copper alloy cleaning rod that is safe for gun barrels, a 9mm mop, 9mm bronze bore brush, 9mm nylon bore brush, 9mm copper patch loop tip and a handy carrying case. All you need is gun cleaner and oil or a good CLP. Click Here to Shop for Gun Cleaners at

UTG 9mm Pistol Cleaning Kit

I’m glad it has a copper alloy cleaning rod instead of the usual aluminum. Aluminum is cheap and easily embeds with dirt or sand grit which can then scratch a gun bore. Don’t use aluminum cleaning rods unless you are SUPER CAREFUL. The bore mop is very useful to saturate the bore with cleaner. Soak the bore mop with cleaner and then run it back and forth several times to soak and loosen fouling. The bronze brush will loosen and help remove all types of fouling…carbon, lead, copper and plastic. The nylon bore brush is not really too useful for cleaning a gun bore. I have tried many and they just don’t do a good job. The copper loop tip is OK for patching but I prefer a jag tip. Jag tips push the patch tightly against the bore wall and really remove loose fouling well. This 9mm pistol cleaning kit is well worth the money.

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