Hoppes Boresnake 9 mm – Buy It?

Boresnake 9 mm …quick as a strike?

Do you spend too much time cleaning your guns?

The Hoppes Boresnake can help.

The 9 mm Boresnake was designed to decrease gun cleaning time by incorporating a cleaning rod, bore brush and cleaning patch into one product. Essentially a cotton weave rope with bore brushes embedded into it. Just pull it through the barrel.

Hoppes 9 mm Boresnake

Hoppes Boresnake gun cleaner

Hoppes 9 mm Boresnake Features:

  • All-in-One bore cleaner – reduces gun cleaning time
  • 100% Cotton Rope – tight fit provides maximum cleaning
  • Embedded Bore Brushes – scrubs fouling for easy removal
  • Washable – can be used for many years
  • Compact Design – easy to store in small compartments
  • Cotton Weave Rope – more effective than 160 cleaning patches
  • Inexpensive – $15.00

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Hoppes 9 mm Boresnake Reviews

This is one of those handy tools that makes cleaning a gun much more enjoyable. I don’t even need to pull out the big rods with the metal brushes anymore. I would definitely recommend this bore snake for anyone who wants to simplify their gun cleaning. This is an easy 5 stars for me.

I really like how quick this makes cleaning. Typically you have to take a patch and put a solvent on it, then rub it into the barrel, then take a brass boar brush to clean it. You then have to take a dry patch to clean it all out. All of which takes roughly five minutes. This BoreSnake takes all of this and combines it to one step. It takes me a minute to clean it up now. I use it on my 9mm and .357 and .38 special.

Perfect solution to the old method of using pads, bore cleaner and rods. Pre-lubed the barrels with degreaser/cleaner, oiled up the bore snake, and pulled it through my .380 and .357 pistol barrels 4-5 times and the barrels are spotless. This after I’ve shot 200-250 rounds through each gun. Perfect solution to an efficient and effective cleaning process. I would highly recommend this product since you can throw away your bore rods.

This is absolutely the best bore snake on the market today. Not sure how I ever managed to keep all my guns cleaned without this great product. If you are on the fence on whether to buy this product or not have no fears it is definitely well worth the money. You simply can’t go wrong here. Also, super great customer service.

As far back as I can remember, I used a set of rods that one screwed together with fitting for the end for a wire brush or a swab. The Hoppe’s BoreSnake does all the cleaning in one easy step. One just opens the breach or locks the slide in the open position, dangles the weight down the bore and then pulls it though. The snake is fitted based on caliber, so be certain to purchase the correct one. The snake has the wire brush built in, so it drags our the burnt power and barrel debris while buffing right behind it. I will never use anything else. It makes cleaning a breeze.

My Boresnake Experience

I have used Hoppes Boresnakes for many years. The 9 mm was one of my favorites and was used on my Glock 17. It made cleaning the Glock very easy and fast….5 minutes. It just doesn’t make sense for me to use a cleaning rod, bore brush, bore jag and cleaning patches…it’s just too much stuff. There’s an easier way….Boresnake.

Best Gun Cleaning Rod – how to choose

Best Gun Cleaning Rod – rifles, handguns and shotguns

I have stuck with carbon fiber for quit a long time because I feel it’s the best gun cleaning rod available. I have used many gun cleaning rods and shotgun cleaning rods in the past 35 years. I can tell you which ones work the best, at least in my opinion and why.

Best Gun Cleaning Rod – what to buy?

  • Hoppes Elite carbon fiber
  • Gunslick carbon fiber
  • Tipton carbon fiber
  • Dewey Nylon Coated

Why I recommend and Use These

  • Will not damage/scratch gun bore
  • Remain perfectly straight
  • Ergo handles – comfortable
  • Ball Bearings in handle for easy rotation
  • Inexpensive – $30-40
  • Last a lifetime

Best gun cleaning rods - Gunslick carbon fiber

Gunslick carbon fiber gun cleaning rod above used on my Glocks. Here is where I bought this one…Shop at Amazon.com

Carbon Fiber – Best Gun Cleaning Rod Material IMO

I only use Carbon Fiber gun cleaning rods because they are lightweight, unbreakable and will never damage a gun barrel. They do not cost much more than a steel or brass cleaning rods and are worth the money. Steel, brass and aluminum gun cleaning rods can become embedded with dirt or sand and then can scratch the gun bore. A scratched bore will ruin accuracy.

All of the gun cleaning rod brands I listed above have a comfortable handle with a roller bearing attaching it to the rod. A roller bearing ensures the handle rotates while the rod and brush engage the barrel rifling and turn easily. They are good quality cleaning rods and will last many years. Most carbon fiber cleaning rods cost about $30+. They are well worth the money.

Hoppes Elite – best gun cleaning rod brand

The one feature that sticks out in my mind on the Hoppes elite is the super soft and grippy handle. It’s very ergonomic and just feels really nice in your hand. It’s most likely the ONE reason I would use it, if for no other reason. And there are plenty of reasons to buy the Elite.

Elite carbon rods are one piece and remain straight forever, unlike metal rods. They also do not attract or hold dirt and foreign debris. Aluminum rods, being soft, can become embedded with sand and foreign debris which can damage a gun bore. The Elite handle features ball bearings and allows the handle/rod to rotate freely. It’s very smooth. The elite rod costs about $30 depending on size and length.

Gunslick – 2nd best gun cleaning rod

I have several Gunslick carbon fiber rods and love them. The handle is ergonomic and fills your palm perfectly. It’s soft and non-slip even with gun cleaner on it. The handle rotates super smoothly on real ball bearings. The carbon fiber rod is one-piece and very rigid. It will remain straight regardless of the number of cleanings or abuse. You can’t go wrong with Gunslick. I believe they are owned by Bushnell. I could not find these online anymore though. I’m not sure if Gunslick stopped making them. Go with the Hoppes Elite.

Gunslick gun cleaning rod - carbon fiber


Tipton cleaning rods have been around for a really long time and this tells you something about the quality. It’s very good. The somewhat ergonomic handle is hard plastic and is mounted on 2 sets of ball bearings to allow the handle and rod to rotate freely. It is not as comfortable, in my opinion, as the Gunslick or Hoppes Elite rods but is still good. Tipton rods feature “shank- through” construction which provides extra strength for tight patching. They cost around $35-55 depending on caliber and length.

Aluminum – not recommended

I have used aluminum gun cleaning rods for many years, before I knew why they are not good. I remember seeing aluminum shavings on the rod and on my gun cleaning mat after cleaning several guns. I never thought about it too much back then. I also never thought about how soft aluminum is and that sand or dirt could get embedded into it. I also remember stripping the threaded segments more than once and bending them. Aluminum is not very strong and can be easily bent. These issues are avoidable with a good carbon fiber gun cleaning rod. Aluminum gun cleaning rods are certainly cheap but they can damage a firearm very easily.

Nylon Coated Steel


Dewey rods have been a top seller for many years. They are just really good. They feature nylon coated steel rods with brass ferules. The ergo handle features ball bearings which allows the handle to rotate like ice. It’s a really smooth setup and will last for many years. I’ve had one for 15 years. They cost around $40 depending on the length.

Nylon coated steel rods and safer to use than bare steel or aluminum but the nylon can become embedded with fine sand or debris since it is softer than metal. So be aware of this if you decide to use them. I have used them in the past with no problems.

Steel – not recommended

Steel gun cleaning rods are certainly popular but are they a good choice? I believe they are not for the simple reason, cleaning a steel gun barrel with a steel rod could cause scratches in the bore. In order to prevent scratching a gun bore, you need a softer metallic material or a non-metallic material. Carbon fiber (non-metallic) is hard but it will not scratch metal. There are coated steel gun cleaning rods available that do provide a protective barrier for the gun bore but if any part of it gets scuffed or worn away then you could experience a problem of scratching.


When it comes to shotgun cleaning rods, you can use aluminum or brass as well as coated steel and carbon fiber. Shotgun barrels are smooth bores, most of the time, and can’t get damaged enough by a metal cleaning rod to change its shot pattern.

Rifled slug barrels are a different story and should be handled like a regular rifle or handgun, cleaning wise. Aluminum, brass and coated steel will work fine on any shotgun other than a $20,000 double. I used aluminum and brass cleaning rods on my Browning Citori and Maxxum shotguns.

I’ve also used Boresnakes with great success on shotguns.

Conclusion: The best gun cleaning rod is the Hoppes Elite Carbon Fiber… hands down. It’s not worth gambling with metal rods when the cost difference is zero or a few bucks. Carbon Fiber is harder than steel/metal yet will not damage steel or gun barrels plus it will remain perfectly straight indefinitely.

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Hoppe’s Carbon Fiber Gun Cleaning Rods

Carbon fiber gun cleaning rods are most likely the best based on safety and durability. Hoppe’s makes some really nice carbon fiber gun cleaning rods at a great price too. Hoppe’s makes a really nice ergo handle with ball bearings. It’s a great cleaning rod.

Here are the benefits of a carbon fiber gun cleaning rod

  • Will no harm gun barrels
  • Will not get embedded with sand or other hard debris that can scratch the inside of a gun barrel
  • Will not bend
  • Will not break under normal usage
  • Light weight
  • Last forever

If you’re intertested in a carbon fiber gun cleaning rod, here is a link to buy one online….Hoppes Carbon Fiber Gun Cleaning Rods at Amazon.com

Best Shotgun Cleaning Rod 2015

Best Shotgun Cleaning Rod

I have a lot of people asking me about shotgun cleaning rods…aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, coated or what?

I’ll give you my recommendation up front….Hoppes Boresnake or M-Pro7 Boresnake

Hoppes Boresnake 12 gauge

This is an easy “no brainer”  “hands down” best solution to cleaning a shotgun barrel. Why? Because it’s effective, easy and fast. AND it will not harm a barrel.

Now let’s talk about the other options…shotgun cleaning rods. Shotgun cleaning rods usually come in steel, carbon fiber, coated steel and aluminum.

Buy the Shotgun Boresnake at Amazon.com

Aluminum Shotgun Cleaning Rods

Aluminum is common because it’s cheap and lightweight. It’s also soft, so it will not damage a steel shotgun barrel by itself. However since aluminum is soft, it can get sand and dirt embedded into it’s surface. If you ever drop an aluminum shotgun cleaning rod on the floor or outside, Throw It Away!!! It will most likely have sand embedded into it. The sand or dirt will definitely scratch the inside of your shotgun barrel. Don’t do it! So not only is aluminum dangerous because it has the potential of scratching the inside of a shotgun barrel but it can also leave shavings inside the barrel. Aluminum is very soft and if the rod rubs against the chamber or muzzle, aluminum shavings can be scraped off and left inside the barrel. You don’t want this. Bottom Line…don’t use aluminum.

Steel Shotgun Cleaning Rods

Steel shotgun cleaning rods are not soft like aluminum so they won’t get debris embedded into the surface BUT steel rubbing against steel is not good. There is the risk of scratching the bore if you let the rod come in contact with the bore or choke tube. Don’t use bare steel cleaning rods.

Coated Steel Shotgun Cleaning Rods

If you must use a traditional shotgun cleaning rod then go with a coated steel rod. The coating will protect the shotgun bore from scratches. Foreign debris cannot get embedded into the coating easily either. The Boresnake is a better option though.

Carbon Fiber Shotgun Cleaning Rods

Carbon Fiber cleaning rods are the best traditional rods available but at a higher cost than coated steel cleaning rods. Carbon fiber is strong, hard and lightweight. It’s the King of cleaning rods. It will not scratch or embed easily with debris. They are excellent!!!

Boresnake Shotgun Cleaning Rope

Here is the Ultimate shotgun cleaning solution/rod. It’s the Boresnake…a braided cotton rope with bronze bore brushes embedded. You simply apply gun cleaner and pull it through the barrel several times. I use one on my Browning Maxus Hunter. 3 pulls and I’m done…about 3 minutes total cleaning time. It’s so Simple!!! Why bother with rods and jags and brushes? It’s also washable and can be reused over and over.



Best Rifle Cleaning Rod 2015

Best Rifle Cleaning Rod

So what is the best rifle cleaning rod available?

The best rifle cleaning rod is the Gunslick Pro Carbon Fiber rod. Gunslick Pro carbon fiber cleaning rods are strong, lightweight, straight and ergonomic. The soft and very comfortable handle features ball bearings for ease of rotation. The soft grip is the most comfortable cleaning rod grip that I have felt. And the prices are unbeatable. Gunslick Pro cleaning rods are top quality at an affordable price. Shop Gunslick Pro at Amazon.com

I only use Gunslick Pro carbon fiber cleaning rods because carbon fiber will not harm the bore of a gun. Carbon fiber does not pick up debris (sand, grit, etc) like aluminum rods can which can scratch the bore. Carbon fiber is super strong but will still flex under pressure. They are about half the weight of a steel rod but will last forever.

Tipton also makes nice carbon fiber rifle cleaning rods but they are a little more expensive and the handle is not quite as nice as Gunslick Pro. I have a Gunslick pistol cleaning rod and a rifle cleaning rod. I will not buy any other brand. Once you use a Gunslick Pro rifle cleaning rod, you will know why they are the best.


Tipton Gun Cleaning Rods

Tipton Gun Cleaning Rods

Tipton gun cleaning rods are an excellent value. They are made well and last a long time. They offer gun cleaning rods in stainless steel and carbon fiber. Tipton offers one piece cleaning rods and 3 piece and in every caliber from .22 to .45. All Tipton cleaning rods feature a ball bearing handle that rotates freely.

Shop all Tipton Gun Cleaning Rods at Amazon.com

Tipton Carbon Fiber Cleaning Rods

Tipton carbon fiber cleaning rods are simply the best gun cleaning rods. Carbon fiber is the best material for a gun cleaning rod. It will not scratch or wear a barrel even if used carelessly. Carbon fiber also does not embed with sand or grit from the ground like aluminum rods do. And lastly, carbon fiber rods flex greatly but recover to their original shape. Metal rods can bend and become useless.

Tipton Max Force Cleaning Rods

Tipton Max Force cleaning rods are special rods with a sliding/movable handle grip that allows you to put more force on the rod without bending it. You position the handle close to where the bottleneck is and apply more force. The grip/handle will clamp onto the rod in any position. The rod will not bend because the length of rod where the force is being applied is supported and shorter in length. These are great for small bores where the rod is very slender and very long. You can easily use a rifle cleaning rod for pistols.

Tipton Max Force Cleaning Rod1

Tipton Stainless Steel Cleaning Rods

Tipton stainless steel cleaning rods come in 3-pieces and are available in .22 caliber but can be used for larger calibers. If you want a take-down style cleaning rod that is easy to transport and/or fit into a cleaning case then the 3 piece Tipton is ideal. However it is bare stainless steel and could scratch a gun barrel. Use a bore guide when using anything other than a carbon fiber or coated steel cleaning rod. Carbon fiber is much better and not much more expensive.