Frog Lube CLP Review – used in Afghanistan?

Frog Lube CLP Review – why it was used in Afghanistan?

…2000 rounds on a single application without failure (US Ranger Frog Lube CLP Review)

…Frog Lube eliminated FN SCAR rifle (MK-17) jams for US Navy Seal

Frog Lube CLP Benefits

  • Cleans fouling from guns – no countless brushing and patching…saves you time
  • Lubricates moving parts – increases reliability and reduces wear
  • Protects metal from corrosion and rust
  • Creates a slick (dry) surface that decreases friction – reduces carbon adherence making cleanings easier and faster.
  • Seasons metal surfaces – the more you use Froglube CLP on your guns, the easier they will be to clean.

Froglube CLP Review: FrogTube cleaning kit

Frog lube CLP Cleaning Kit includes:

  • CLP
  • Paste
  • Frog lube Solvent
  • Lint Free Cloth
  • Nylon Utility Brush and cotton tip swabs.

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AR-15 Frog Lube CLP Review Torture Test Video. Rapid fire 300+ rounds.

Is Frog lube safe?

Frog lube CLP MSDS Safety Data

  • Inhalation – None
  • Skin – None
  • Ingestion – None
  • Health Hazards (acute and chronic) – None
  • Carcinogenicity – None
  • NTP – None
  • Signs and symptoms of exposure – None
  • Medical conditions generally aggravated by exposure – N/A
  • Precautions in case of spillage – N/A
  • Waster disposal method – normal trash

Frog lube CLP Specifications

  • Food grade biodegradable
  • Non toxic
  • Non flammable
  • Manufactured from wholly US components
  • Non hazardous
  • CLP
  • Extreme temperature range
  • Harmless to plastic and rubber
  • Corrosion protection against salt spray
  • Recommended for airsoft and paintball guns
  • Recommended for black powder firearms

So why is Frog lube better than other CLP’s?

Froglube goes on wet and penetrates into the metal and dries in a short period of time. It forms a dry barrier that lubricates and protects metal surfaces. It is not wet and slippery like most oils and lubricants. Froglube is a treatment system. It “seasons” the metal and makes subsequent cleanings faster and easier.

Here is an intense gun CLP test/review involving corrosion resistance and lubrication where Froglube tops most other CLP’s….CLP Test.

How is Froglube applied?

Here is how you apply Frog lube the very first time.

  1. Clean your entire firearm with Froglube Solvent to remove all other lubricants, oils, sludge, dirt, cosmoline, etc. This prepares it for the application of Froglube CLP.
  2. Heat metal surfaces or apply Froglube to a warm firearm. You can do this treatment on a cold firearm but it works much better on warm or hot metal surfaces. Warm or hot metal allows it to penetrate deeper.
  3. Apply a liberal amount on all gun parts ( with a cotton ball, patch or q-tip ) and let it soak for about 15 minutes or so. I apply another light coat after this to get a deeper barrier. Then wipe with a clean dry cloth.
  4. After each shooting session, clean you firearm as you would with any other cleaner. Always apply a liberal amount of CLP to the bore. You want it to be able to penetrate the fouling and it has to be wet in order to do this.

Frog lube CLP Review Featuring the Glock 22

Frog Lube CLP Review:Glock 22

The more times you clean your gun with Froglube, the easier it will get. It builds up in the metal pores and retards fouling. You can feel the difference. The metal surface has a slick feel to it but is not wet.

frog lube clp review - glock 22

Here is my Glock 22 disassembled and ready for a good thorough cleaning. When I clean my guns like the Glock, I use a generous amount of Froglube CLP in the bore and a little less on the slide. I then scrub it and then wipe clean. When using Froglube CLP as a lubricant, apply in a very thin film for best results. In other words, apply the Froglube and then wipe the excess off with a clean cloth or cleaning patch. Too much Froglube will cause it to become sticky and attract dirt and debris.

Frog lube Torture Test Video – Low temperature extremes.

Breakfree CLP Review – US Navy Seals

Breakfree CLP – US Navy Seals used in Afghanistan

Using breakfree clp on my glock 22

Breakfree CLP Benefits

  • Excellent lubricant – increase reliability and reduce wear
  • Excellent corrosion protection – prevent rust
  • Gun cleaner – restore accuracy and reliability
  • Cheap – $7.00 for 4 oz bottle
  • Buy one product for all your gun maintenance – no need for 3 different products

Breakfree CLP Properties:

  • Performs well in extreme temperature ranges (-65F to 475F)
  • Formulated from high quality polymerized synthetic oils
  • Special friction reducing additives
  • Anti-wear additives
  • Advanced boundary film protects treated surfaces from wear
  • High temperature and pressure exposure without deterioration
  • Lifts and displaces fouling from surfaces
  • Prevents corrosion on treated surfaces

Breakfree CLP is inexpensive and goes a long way. It’s also the #1 selling CLP on the market.

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Breakfree CLP Reviews

” Break free is the best!! I was an armorer in the military for over 4 years and responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of numerous assorted weapons which consisted of 50 cal., M240’s, Shotguns, 45’s and M-16’s.

” I used Break-Free in the Army during training and during my deployment to Iraq. This has cleaned, lubed, and protected my M9 Beretta, M4 carbine, M240 machine gun, the Ma Deuce .50 cal machine gun, and I’ve used it on the M256 main gun on my Abrams main battle tank. If it works on those, it’ll handle any weapon you own.

Cleaning Test – Glock 22

Glock barrel cleaned with breakfree clp

Here is my G22 barrel after 50 rounds of .40 S&W after being cleaned with Breakfree CLP.

Does it look dirty to you?

dirty gun cleaning patches using breakfree clp

I pushed 3 patches with Breakfree on them through the G22 barrel. No brushing or scrubbing whatsoever. The 3rd patch is pretty clean…and so is the barrel.

breakfree clp cleaned glock barrel

Here is the Glock 22 barrel after only 3 patches and BreakFree CLP. Total cleaning time….5 minutes.

Cleaning Tip: Apply a liberal amount of gun cleaner and then let it soak for 10 minutes. Then push several cleaning patches through the barrel. A 10 minute soak time is the key to removing carbon and other fouling easily.

Who wants to scrub a barrel over and over?

I have performed many gun cleaner tests that verify this soak time. I’ve tried 2 minutes and 5 minutes without success. If you let it soak too long, like 20 minutes, the gun cleaner dries out.

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Breakfree CLP Testimonial

Breakfree CLP Review and Testimonial.

I have been shooting and cleaning guns for over 40 years. I’ve tried just about every gun cleaner and gun oil that came to the market. Some were good and some were not. Breakfree CLP was one of the “good” ones and still is.

Why Use Breakfree CLP on Your Guns?

  1. All in one product that cleans, lubricates and protects
  2. Cleans carbon and powder fouling
  3. Lubricates well
  4. Protects metal surfaces from corrosion even in a salt spray.
  5. Inexpensive
  6. A bottle last a long time – most likely a year or more.
  7. Easy to use
  8. Will not harm non-metal parts like polymer frames
  9. Approved by US Military for small arms maintenance
  10. Used by many Law Enforcement agencies
  11. Used by many gunsmiths and armorers

Here is where I buy Breakfree CLP and other gun maintenance products…Shop at

Breakfree CLP Test Results

I have tested many (over 40) gun cleaners, gun oils and gun CLPs. Here are the results from the Breakfree CLP tests.

  1. Cleaning – attempted to clean burnt on carbon and powder residue from igniting 3 charges of smokeless powder on a steel plate. Breakfree CLP did as well or better than other CLP’s
  2. Lubrication –  performed 2 tests, a friction coefficient test and a metal wear test. Breakfree CLP did very well in both tests. Breakfree CLP is very slippery.
  3. Protection – I performed a corrosion test which consisted of treating a steel square with Breakfree CLP and then exposing it to high and low temperatures (65 F to 107 F) plus a water spray every 48 hours. This went on for over a week before rust appeared.

Breakfree CLP corrosion test

Breakfree CLP Wear Test

Breakfree CLP Wear Test

Breakfree CLP cleaning test

Breakfree CLP cleaning test

Breakfree CLP has been around for many years and it is the #1 selling CLP for firearms. If you’re looking for a good CLP for your guns, Breakfree CLP is a good bet. I have used it for many years on my Glocks, Zastava M70 AK-47, Browning Citori, Browning Maxxus, Stag Arms 2T and Thompson Center Encore rifle. It works really well.

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Froglube CLP Gumming Up

Have you experienced Froglube CLP gumming up on your firearms?

I have and I found out why on the website. Apparently if there is any petroleum based oils or cleaners still present on the firearm when you applied the Froglube CLP, you will experience some gummy and/or stickiness. This is a reaction between Froglube and the petroleum products. The best thing to do is do a really thorough cleaning with a good gun cleaner and then Froglube Solvent. Clean it several times to make sure it’s absolutely clean. Now apply the Froglube CLP as directed.

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Froglube CLP Wipes

Froglube CLP wipes are super handy to have in the field or at the range. Froglube CLP wipes are cleaning patches pre-treated with the famous Froglube CLP product. You can pull one out and quickly wipe your gun’s action or barrel down which will clean, lubricate and protect the surface from wear, corrosion and fowling.

Froglube CLP is an excellent gun maintenance product that offers 3 products in one. It is an oil, gun cleaner and corrosion inhibitor. No need to buy 3 gun maintenance products for your firearms anymore.

If you want to pick a few of these packs up, here is a link…Froglube CLP Wipes at

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Where to Buy Froglube CLP

You can buy Froglube CLP at most online sporting goods stores like Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops or Midway USA and too. Some stores have better prices than others and may charge various amounts for shipping. So shop around.

Some online stores offer free shipping. If you want to buy Frogluble CLP in liquid or paste and with free shipping, click on this link….Froglube CLP at

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