Can You Use Soap and Water to Clean Guns?

Most people always say “NO!” when asked if soap and water can be used to clean a gun.

..BUT you actually can.

…and when using corrosive ammunition, you have to use soap and water to dissolve the corrosive salts that the powder and primers create.

You can use soap and water to clean any gun as long as you dry it fairly quickly and then lubricate/preserve it afterwards. Warm or hot water will help with drying.

I do not recommend soap and water to clean guns and I don’t recommend using corrosive ammunition either. You just don’t have to and both of these two runs the risk of rust on your gun.

*** If you must use soap and water to clean a gun, add 10% Ballistol to the water and then clean your gun. Ballistol is the only CLP that I know of that is water soluble. Ballistol will prevent rust and help clean the gun.