Can You Clean a Gun With Gun Oil?

Can you clean a gun with just gun oil?

You might think the answer is NO but not so fast. Let’s look at one example.

G21 Barrel-1

Glock 21 barrel after 100 rounds of .45 acp ammo.

G21 Barrel-3

Same Glock 21 barrel after 1 cleaning patch and M-Pro7 LPX gun oil. I did not scrub or brush the barrel. I simply wet 1 cleaning patch with M-Pro7 LPX gun oil and pushed it through the barrel with a cleaning rod and a .45 patch jag. As you can see the bore is not “spotless” but it is very clean and remember I only used ONE PATCH. Notice the polygon rifling in the Glock OEM barrel.



Here is the cleaning patch.

This Glock barrel was treated with M-Pro7 LPX gun oil before I shot it, so it had a protective “barrier” in place. But other than that, there was nothing special done to this Glock barrel. M-Pro7 LPX and M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner are amazing products.