Cable Pull Through Cleaning Systems

The latest technology in cleaning systems is the cable pull through in lieu of a long rigid metal rod. The concept is you fasten or attach a patch or brush to one end of a coated steel cable and feed the other end through the barrel. Then you grab or attach a handle to the end and pull the cable through the bore.

Otis makes some really nice cable pull through cleaning kits and I used to have one. The attraction was it looked really cool. They are neat little kits.

Otis Cleaning Kit

While it is easier to pull a cable through a barrel than it is to push a brush/patch on a rigid brass rod, it’s just not that efficient (time wise).

Here is why?

Each time you want to brush or patch the bore, you have to feed the cable, attach the brush or patch and then pull it through. If you only need to do this one time, it would be great but that’s not the case when cleaning gun barrels. It takes several passes with a bore brush and then several patches. It’s much easier with a cleaning rod. You just brush back and forth 20 times or so and then patch several times. No feeding the cable through and then pulling it back out 20 times.

I bought an Otis cleaning kit a long time ago because it looked really cool. Then when I tried to use it, it turned out to be another story. It wasn’t so cool anymore. Attaching the patches on the Otis cable system is too much work for me. I much prefer the rigid brass rod for cleaning guns.

There is one exception to the cable pull through theory that I really like and that’s the Bore Snake. It’s not exactly a cable pull through because there is no cable but it’s the same concept. The Bore Snake is a heavy duty wooven cotton rope with a lanyard attached to one end (to feed through the barrel and provide something to pull) and 2 brass brushes embeded in the center.This is not like the lanyards for students. You pull it through a barrel and it applies a cleaner (you apply the cleaner before you pull it through), brushes the bore and then wipes it clean all in one pull or pass. They do work really well and I love them.