BreakFree Gun Cleaner Review

BreakFree Gun Cleaner or CLP

BreakFree Gun Cleaner or CLP has been around for a very ling time. I know it used to be issued to the military for combat use. I’m not sure if it still is or if the military has a new contract with another supplier. But anyway it is extremely popular. I have never used it before a few months ago. I have been a M-Pro7 and FrogLube aficionado for a while. I recently dropped Froglube but remain with M-Pro7.

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I recently tried BreakFree gun cleaner on my Glock 22 because I wanted to see why so many people use it plus I wanted to write a review. So in order to conduct a test, I cleaned my G22 with M-Pro7 gun cleaner to remove all traces of oil, dirt, etc. I then cleaned it again with Breakfree CLP. After a thorough cleaning, I wiped the entire gun down with a clean cloth to remove all excess Breakfree. Gun lubrication is best when there is a microscopic film left in the metal pores. Excess lubrication/oil will increase friction…believe it or not. So you want to wipe down everything well with a clean dry cloth. If you think you removed too much product, then you have just the right amount.


Anyway, I took my Glock 22 to the range and shot 50 rounds. Function was perfect as you would expect from a Glock. I went home and then cleaned the Glock with Breakfree gun cleaner. I first wiped everything thing down with a liberal amount of Breakfree and then let it soak for 15 minutes.

Carbon fouling wiped off easily from the slide and Glock frame. The barrel would take more effort…so I thought. I wet a patch with Breakfree gun cleaner and pushed it through the barrel with a rod and jag. I then looked down the bore. Amazingly, it was pretty clean! I pushed 2 more wet patches through the barrel. Here’s the barrel….



Here are the 3 patches. I did not use a bore brush at all. Is that simple and fast or what? I know I could clean it more with a bore brush and get more carbon out but remember…you only need to clean a gun until accuracy and reliability are restored. I know that this barrel is clean enough to be accurate and the Glock is clean enough to be 100% reliable, so I’m good to go. Total cleaning time not counting the soak…6 minutes.

Now I see why many people use Breakfree gun cleaner. It’s effective, odorless and cleans, protects and lubricates all at the same time. I like it. It’s really cheap too.