Breakfree CLP Review – US Navy Seals

Breakfree CLP – US Navy Seals used in Afghanistan

Using breakfree clp on my glock 22

Breakfree CLP Benefits

  • Excellent lubricant – increase reliability and reduce wear
  • Excellent corrosion protection – prevent rust
  • Gun cleaner – restore accuracy and reliability
  • Cheap – $7.00 for 4 oz bottle
  • Buy one product for all your gun maintenance – no need for 3 different products

Breakfree CLP Properties:

  • Performs well in extreme temperature ranges (-65F to 475F)
  • Formulated from high quality polymerized synthetic oils
  • Special friction reducing additives
  • Anti-wear additives
  • Advanced boundary film protects treated surfaces from wear
  • High temperature and pressure exposure without deterioration
  • Lifts and displaces fouling from surfaces
  • Prevents corrosion on treated surfaces

Breakfree CLP is inexpensive and goes a long way. It’s also the #1 selling CLP on the market.

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Breakfree CLP Reviews

” Break free is the best!! I was an armorer in the military for over 4 years and responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of numerous assorted weapons which consisted of 50 cal., M240’s, Shotguns, 45’s and M-16’s.

” I used Break-Free in the Army during training and during my deployment to Iraq. This has cleaned, lubed, and protected my M9 Beretta, M4 carbine, M240 machine gun, the Ma Deuce .50 cal machine gun, and I’ve used it on the M256 main gun on my Abrams main battle tank. If it works on those, it’ll handle any weapon you own.

Cleaning Test – Glock 22

Glock barrel cleaned with breakfree clp

Here is my G22 barrel after 50 rounds of .40 S&W after being cleaned with Breakfree CLP.

Does it look dirty to you?

dirty gun cleaning patches using breakfree clp

I pushed 3 patches with Breakfree on them through the G22 barrel. No brushing or scrubbing whatsoever. The 3rd patch is pretty clean…and so is the barrel.

breakfree clp cleaned glock barrel

Here is the Glock 22 barrel after only 3 patches and BreakFree CLP. Total cleaning time….5 minutes.

Cleaning Tip: Apply a liberal amount of gun cleaner and then let it soak for 10 minutes. Then push several cleaning patches through the barrel. A 10 minute soak time is the key to removing carbon and other fouling easily.

Who wants to scrub a barrel over and over?

I have performed many gun cleaner tests that verify this soak time. I’ve tried 2 minutes and 5 minutes without success. If you let it soak too long, like 20 minutes, the gun cleaner dries out.