BreakFree CLP Corrosion Test 2

Is BreakFree CLP a good protectant for guns?

The only way to know for sure is to test it…so here we go.

My corrosion test is simple yet effective. I take pieces of steel bar, clean them and then apply an oil or CLP to them. I let them sit outside in the Arizona heat and spray them with water 3 or 4 times per week. I record how long it takes for the metal to rust. The longer it takes to rust, the better the protective properties of the gun oil or CLP.

Here’s the Breakfree CLP and 2 pieces of cold rolled steel. One piece will be heated to 100 degrees and the other left at ambient temperature (85 degrees). The reason for the heating is to determine if oil penetrates better if the metal is hot. Does it really seep into the metal pores?

So how do I heat up the metal test material? I use a heat gun and then a temperature gun to measure the temperature.

I’m applying 2 drop of Breakfree CLP to the unheated metal bar. I will spread the CLP evenly with a cleaning patch.

Here’s a closeup.

Here’s the temperature of the 2nd metal bar. It reads 100 degrees. Now I’ll apply the Breakfree CLP to it.

2 drops of Breakfree CLP and then spread it evenly.

Here’s the testing area where the metal bars will stay until they rust. You can see the water spray bottle in the background.

Here’s one bar with a dousing of water. It beads up very well.

Here’s the 2nd metal bar after spraying it with water. Nice beads too.

Now let’s see what happens in the next 7 days. Stay tuned.

Day 4 – Breakfree CLP Corrosion Test

Here are the 2 Breakfree CLP treated test samples.

Unheated sample – no corrosion

Heated sample – No Corrosion

Now let’s wet them again.

The water still beads on the metal. That’s a good sign that the Breakfree is still protecting the metal.

So far, Breakfree CLP has done a fantastic job at protecting bare metal against the elements…water and heat.

*** Remember this is an extreme corrosion test. Most guns do not get sprayed with water several times per week.

Breakfree CLP Corrosion Test – 14 days

You can see some rust on the left edge and top left edge. Let’s take a closer look.

There you have it…RUST. The heat treated sample (on the left) has more rust than the un-heated sample.

It most likely started on the edges where the Breakfree CLP was not applied that well. The rest of the metal is pretty much corrosion free. So Breakfree CLP prevented corrosion for 14 days while being exposed to water and heat. That’s pretty good considering you probably won’t put your guns through the same kind of treatment. Under normal conditions, Breakfree CLP will do a great job of preventing corrosion. Another note…apply Breakfree CLP at room temperature and not on hot firearms. It seems to protect the metal better. Try Breakfree CLP….Breakfree CLP at