Best Weapon Cleaning Solvent 2017

So what’s the best weapon cleaning solvent in 2017?

I have a new favorite and it’s Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner.

I wrote a review on Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner and performed several cleaning tests (Mil-Comm MC25 Test) and it’s spectacular. Here’s why I chose Mil-Comm MC25 as the best weapon cleaning solvent for 2017.

  1. It’s non-toxic and totally safe for humans, pets and the environment
  2. It doesn’t smell
  3. It soaks into and under powder fouling making it easy to wipe clean
  4. Inexpensive
  5. Spray bottle makes applying solvent easy and doesn’t waste any product.
  6. Removes powder residue
  7. Removes other oils and preservatives and leaves surface squeaky clean
  8. Made is U.S.A.

Here’s how easy Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner is to use. Spray a liberal amount on gun action and barrel/bore. Let soak for 10 minutes. Now brush and patch with wet patches. Done. Want to try some Mil-Comm MC25?…here is a link…Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner at