Best Shotgun Cleaning Rod 2015

Best Shotgun Cleaning Rod

I have a lot of people asking me about shotgun cleaning rods…aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, coated or what?

I’ll give you my recommendation up front….Hoppes Boresnake or M-Pro7 Boresnake

Hoppes Boresnake 12 gauge

This is an easy “no brainer”  “hands down” best solution to cleaning a shotgun barrel. Why? Because it’s effective, easy and fast. AND it will not harm a barrel.

Now let’s talk about the other options…shotgun cleaning rods. Shotgun cleaning rods usually come in steel, carbon fiber, coated steel and aluminum.

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Aluminum Shotgun Cleaning Rods

Aluminum is common because it’s cheap and lightweight. It’s also soft, so it will not damage a steel shotgun barrel by itself. However since aluminum is soft, it can get sand and dirt embedded into it’s surface. If you ever drop an aluminum shotgun cleaning rod on the floor or outside, Throw It Away!!! It will most likely have sand embedded into it. The sand or dirt will definitely scratch the inside of your shotgun barrel. Don’t do it! So not only is aluminum dangerous because it has the potential of scratching the inside of a shotgun barrel but it can also leave shavings inside the barrel. Aluminum is very soft and if the rod rubs against the chamber or muzzle, aluminum shavings can be scraped off and left inside the barrel. You don’t want this. Bottom Line…don’t use aluminum.

Steel Shotgun Cleaning Rods

Steel shotgun cleaning rods are not soft like aluminum so they won’t get debris embedded into the surface BUT steel rubbing against steel is not good. There is the risk of scratching the bore if you let the rod come in contact with the bore or choke tube. Don’t use bare steel cleaning rods.

Coated Steel Shotgun Cleaning Rods

If you must use a traditional shotgun cleaning rod then go with a coated steel rod. The coating will protect the shotgun bore from scratches. Foreign debris cannot get embedded into the coating easily either. The Boresnake is a better option though.

Carbon Fiber Shotgun Cleaning Rods

Carbon Fiber cleaning rods are the best traditional rods available but at a higher cost than coated steel cleaning rods. Carbon fiber is strong, hard and lightweight. It’s the King of cleaning rods. It will not scratch or embed easily with debris. They are excellent!!!

Boresnake Shotgun Cleaning Rope

Here is the Ultimate shotgun cleaning solution/rod. It’s the Boresnake…a braided cotton rope with bronze bore brushes embedded. You simply apply gun cleaner and pull it through the barrel several times. I use one on my Browning Maxus Hunter. 3 pulls and I’m done…about 3 minutes total cleaning time. It’s so Simple!!! Why bother with rods and jags and brushes? It’s also washable and can be reused over and over.