Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Best Shotgun Cleaning Kit 2015

The best shotgun cleaning kit is actually a multi-purpose cleaning kit from M-Pro7. It’s their Tactical 3 Gun Cleaning Kit (.223, .308 & 12 ga) featuring the Hoppes Boresnake. There are 2 reasons why I picked the M-Pro7 Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit as the best shotgun cleaning kit. Shop all M-Pro7 products at

M-Pro7 Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit

The first reason is because it includes the “Boresnake”. The Boresnake is a unique cotton braided rope that has one or more bronze phosphor bore brushes embedded in it. The Boresnake replaces a cleaning rod, bore brush, patch jag and 100’s of cleaning patches.


The tight fitting braided rope wipes the bore better than 10 patches and is much faster. It’s also washable.


The Borensnake is the fastest and easiest way to clean a shotgun barrel in the field or at home. The embedded bronze phosphor brush scrubs carbon, plastic and lead fouling loose while the tight fitting cotton rope wipes it away in one pass.

Of course you could use the old standby, aluminum multi-piece cleaning rod, a bore brush, a patch jag and 10 patches if you like messing with all that stuff. The shotgun cleaning rods are typically aluminum which can┬ábecome embedded with sand or grit. Aluminum is soft and will allow sand particles to become embedded into its surface. Now you have a “bore scratching” cleaning rod…if you’re not careful.

The Boresnake just makes shotgun cleaning SO EASY!!!!

How to Use the Boresnake

Apply your favorite gun cleaner or CLP to the front (fluffy cotton end) of the Boresnake and the middle (in front of bore brushes). Now feed the tail down the barrel and pull it through. It’s a very snug fit so you may have to pull pretty hard to get it through the bore. Pull the Boresnake through the bore 3-5 times and you’re done if you’re using a CLP. If you use a gun cleaner and a separate gun oil then get another Boresnake. One for gun cleaner and the other for gun oil.

The other reason I picked the M-Pro7 Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit as the best shotgun cleaning kit is because it includes M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner and M-Pro7 LPX gun oil. These 2 products are excellent for cleaning and lubricating. They are non-toxic too and made in America. I used M-Pro7 products (Boresnake too) on my Browning Maxus Hunter for many years. You can’t buy a better gun cleaner or gun oil.

Hoppes Boresnake 12 gauge

12 Gauge Boresnake