Best Pistol Cleaning Kit

Best Pistol Cleaning Kit 2015

The best pistol cleaning kit must contain the following:

  1. High performance non-toxic gun cleaner
  2. High performance gun oil/lubricant
  3. Coated steel cleaning rod or rope/boresnake
  4. Compact and organized case
  5. Bronze phosphor bore brush
  6. Bronze patch jag
  7. Gun cleaning patches
  8. Nylon utility brush
  9. Lint-free cloth

I have used many pistol cleaning kits in the past and have reviewed many recently. Most of them fail because they contain a bare steel cleaning rod. Steel cleaning rods will scratch the bore easily. Do not use them! Aluminum cleaning rods will not scratch a bore by themselves BUT can become embedded with sand or grit which will scratch the bore. Do not use them! Only use coated steel or carbon fiber cleaning rods like Dewey, Tipton, Pro-shot, Allen Company and Gunslick. These will not scratch your gun bore. The other optionĀ is the fantastic Boresnake. The Boresnake is a braided cotton rope with bronze bore brushes embedded. You just pull it through the bore and it scrubs and wipes it clean. The Borensake will not scratch the bore. It’s also the fastest/easiest way to clean a gun bore.

There are several “pull-through” cleaning kits by Otis and Real Avid. My issue with these is the fact that you have to take off the T-handle every time you want to pull the bore brush or patch through the bore. It’s a real pain and very time consuming. No Thanks.

So, my choice for the best pistol cleaning kit is the M-Pro7 Tactical Pistol Cleaning Kit. It contains all of the requirements stated above. It comes with M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner and LPX oil. Two of the best gun cleaning/lubricating products available. And they are non-toxic and biodegradable too. A Boresnake is included which I think is the best way to clean a gun bore. It’s simple and effective. It can be used over and over. It’s also washable. This kit has a minimal of items but covers all the bases easily. I like that! I really don’t want or need a gun cleaning kit with 100 items in it. Too many items that can get lost or misplaced plus it’s hard to keep them organized.

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