Best Lubricant/Oil for the Glock

So what’s the best oil or lubricant for the Glock pistol?

If you ask people, you will get many different answers, even from gunsmiths. If you want the absolute best oil or lubricant then you have to look at scientific data like a friction test. In this case the answer would be Hornady One Shot or Barricade.

I always ask people why they want the best oil or lubricate for his/her Glock?

They answer, ” Because I want to prevent wear and preserve reliability.”

My response is, “The Glock will function for a really long time without lubrication. It was designed to do just that. The Glock is reliable dry. Now let’s talk about increased wear and tear. You will wear out the barrel way before the action/slide. Lubrication will not prevent a barrel from wearing out (unless you lube¬†after every shot), friction (bullet material) and heat (how fast you shoot) are the main factors. If you shoot steel jacketed bullets and/or let the barrel get really hot then you may wear out a barrel prematurely. Glock barrels can last 15,000 – 20,00 rounds. So if you shoot 100 rounds every month, a Glock barrel will last for 20 years.

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So just about any oil or lubricant can be used on a Glock and it will remain reliable and experience minimal wear. It’s just not that critical.

So what do I use on my Glock 21 and Glock 22?

I had been using Froglube but have switched to Breakfree CLP and Rem Oil. Froglube became sticky after sitting for 6 months on both of my Glocks. I like Rem Oil because it turns into a dry film after applying and is very slick. It placed #4 in a friction test where 46 CLPs were tested.

Breakfree CLP is a great product for the Glock pistol. It’s very slippery and will protect all metal parts against corrosion for a very long time, even in the presence of high humidity or water. It does not clean as well as straight gun cleaners however.