Best Lubricant for the AK-47 Rifle

I frequently get asked, “What is the best oil/lube for the AK-47 rifle?”

The answer is very simple…any oil or lubricant.

So why doesn’t it matter?

Well because the AK-47 was designed to function in the harshest conditions…dirt, sand, rain, heat, cold, snow, sleet, mud, water, soil, no lubrication, etc. In order to enable a firearm to function 100% of the time under all these conditions, ┬áthe design has to be simple with large tolerances. Very precise, small tolerance mechanical devices fail more easily. Like the AR-15 rifle or M4 or M16. These rifles have much tighter tolerances which makes them more accurate but will fail under demanding conditions like a dirty bolt or lack of lubrication. If sand or dirt get into the AR-15 action, it will fail. If mud gets into the M4 action, it will fail.

The AK-47 will function for a VERY long time without lubrication…many thousands of rounds. It is difficult to get a good AK-47 to fail. The Zastava NPAP M70 is one of them. It won’t fail dirty and dry and thousands of rounds.

So, pick any lube or oil that you like and use it. The type or brand does not matter because any lube/oil will work and is better than no lube which is what the AK-47 was designed for.

Worried about wearing an AK-47 out by using a not so good oil? Don’t worry. The barrel will wear out way before the action and lubrication will not stop a barrel from wearing out. Heat is the biggest factor on barrel life. The hotter the barrel gets, the faster it wears out. Keep it cool and it will last much longer.

I’m currently using Ballistol on my AK-47. Ballistol is a CLP so I can clean and lubricate at the same time. It cleans and lubricates very well too. A CLP save one step in the gun maintenance process. Another good one is Breakfree CLP and also Rem Oil.