Best Gun Oil for Shotguns 2017

I received several emails from readers asking, “What the best gun oil for shotguns?”

Shotguns are typically easier to lubricate well than rifles and handguns. Shotgun tolerances are bigger than most rifles and handguns making them easier to keep functioning smoothly. Shotgun powder is faster burning which tends to leave less un-burned powder in the barrel and action. Shotguns are much cleaner shooting than rifles and handguns. So lubrication is much easier.

OK…so let’s now talk about gun oils for shotguns. I think a slightly thinner oil works better on shotguns. Something like Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with DynaGlide Plus and Remington Rem Oil. Thinner oils tend to penetrate and seep into hard to get to areas better than thicker oils and greases. I also like spray can applicators like the Hornady One Shot. It allows you to spray oil into hard to reach areas.

Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner with Dynaglide Plus is an Extremely slippery gun oil/cleaner. I’ve tested many oils and Hornady One Shot is at the top of the list. I also love the spray can type applicator. You can spray a light coat on shotgun bolts, triggers and the inside of the barrel easily. After you apply One Shot, it will evaporate and leave a super slick dry film (DynaGlide plus) behind. It’s a great product for lubrication.


Remington Rem Oil was a real surprise to me when I did a friction and a wear test with it. I did not expect much from it because it is very cheap and there wasn’t much hype about it like some of the other gun oils. There isn’t any real marketing “push” behind it. But anyway, Rem Oil is AWESOME! It’s very slippery and thin in viscosity. It will keep shotguns functioning smoothly and reduce wear. It comes in a small squirt bottle that is easy to apply to patches or bore snakes. And I do recommend using a bore snake to clean shotguns. It’s SO EASY. And FAST. Here is a link where you can buy gun oils like Hornady One Shot and Rem Oil at a discount….Gun Lubrication products at

Here’s the Hoppe’s Viper Borensake. It makes cleaning shotguns a piece of cake. Want to try a borensake? Here’s a link…Boresnakes at