Best Gun Oil for Rust Prevention

A popular question on gun forums seems to be…

“What is the best gun oil for rust prevention?”

What I have found to be the best rust or corrosion preventative is not actually an oil but a CLP. I’ve used and tested many gun oils, gun CLP’s and gun solvents over the past 30 years. I put many gun oils and gun CLP’s through several¬†corrosion tests. I used tool steel and plain water and salt water. The water exposure lasted many days in the Arizona heat. See this test here

Anyway here is the best gun oil or rather best gun CLP for rust prevention….

…FrogLube CLP


Froglube CLP out performed every gun oil and gun CLP on the market. Froglube penetrates the pores of metals to form a barrier that is both slippery and resistant to moisture, dirt, fouling, etc. FrogLube CLP is an AWESOME rust preventative and lubricant. Here’s a tip on applying FrogLube that makes it perform even better…

…apply FrogLube CLP on a warm or hot gun. This allows the CLP to penetrate even further into the metal. I used a heat gun to heat up the slide and barrel of my Glock 22 to about 120 degrees. I then applied a very liberal amount of FrogLube and let it soak in until the metal cooled off. Then I applied a lighter coat and then wiped off any excess. If you’re interested in trying some FrogLube CLP, here is a link to buy some online….FrogLube CLP at