Best Gun Oil for Storage – up to 100+ years

So what’s the best gun oil for storage?

If you’re planning on putting guns into storage for months or years, you’ll need to protect the metal from corrosion. If you look back in history, you’ll find that Cosmoline was used to protect military arms while in long term storage (years). It works really well but it is heavy like a grease. Grease is most likely the very best product for long term metal storage. Grease is heavy and stays put and will provide years of protection indoors and outdoors. Cosmoline has protected some small arms for over 50 years. It’s a great gun oil for storage when long term is the requirement.

Cosmoline - Gun Oil for Storage

Cosmoline is a military grade corrosion preventative that is used on small arms, machinery, military vehicles, etc. You spray it on any metal or wood surface. Because it is very thick, it creates a barrier against the elements. Moisture will not get through this barrier even under water.

Cosmoline is the strongest, thickest, longest lasting and fastest drying rust preventive aerosol product available. One coat protects all metals, iron, steel, aluminum (stored indoors or outdoors) for years. It produces a dry-to-the-touch, amber translucent (see-through) wax coating. Cosmoline withstands severe outdoor exposure, salt-laden atmospheres, acid & caustic fumes and other damaging environments. It will not crack, craze, peel or flake and remains slightly flexible over time.

Cosmoline was chosen by the US military as THE corrosion protectant to use on all metal equipment that was to be stored or transported. If the US military thinks it’s the best solution for corrosion prevention then I’m sure it will work for your small arms too.

Here’s where you can get some Cosmoline….Cosmoline Heavy Rust Preventative Spray Can at

If you want something a little less “heavy duty” then try FrogLube CLP, Hornady One Shot or WD-40 Specialist. Here’s a link where you can buy these gun oils….Gun Lubricants at