Best Gun Oil 2015

The Best Gun Oil

What’s the best gun oil? There are many to choose from.

  • Hoppes No 9 Synthetic Gun Oil
  • Ballistol
  • Rem Oil
  • WD-40
  • Hoppes Venom Oil
  • Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil
  •  M-Pro7 LPX
  • Barricade
  • Kroil

I’m going to speak strictly about oils and not CLP’s or Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectants. A good lubricant or oil should reduce friction in extreme conditions like high pressure and high temperatures. Gun oil should not burn or ignite when exposed to an open flame or high temperatures reaching 500-700 F. Synthetic oils are much better at this task than standard Petroleum oils. Synthetic oils have higher lubricity values than standard oil which will reduce friction and heat in a firearm. Most gun oils will work well if you clean and lubricate your gun frequently. If you do not then you might want to be a little more selective in a gun oil. I personally, have used many different gun oils in the past 30 years. None have caused any failures in my weapons. However it is clear that some are better than others when you shoot 400-500 rounds in one session without cleaning or lubricating.

Best Gun Oil Recommendations

I have 2 favorites that I will recommend… Ballistol and M-Pro7 LPX. Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil is very good too. I have limited experience with it but so far it has been excellent. Ballistol and M-Pro7 LPX are top choices. I have used both of these extensively on my Glock 22, Glock 21, Zastava AK-47 and Hi Point 4095 TS Carbine. They do not burn or gum up after hundreds of rounds. Ballistol has a slight odor but M-Pro7 LPX is odorless and colorless. I have read that WD-40 and Barricade are very slippery and have done well in lubricity tests. WD-40 has a strong odor though and I won’t use it indoors. But that’s my opinion and my choice.

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M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil Experience

I’m using M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil on my Glock 21. I cleaned the entire gun with a good solvent and then applied M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil to it. I took the Glock 21 to the gun range with 100 rounds of .45 acp. Let’s see how dirty it gets and how it functions. Needless to say it functioned flawlessly as always but let’s see how dirty it got.

G21 Barrel-1

G21 Barrel-2

Here are photos of the G21 .45 acp barrel after 100 rounds. As you can see it’s really not that dirty. M-Pro7 products do a great job of repelling fouling. M-Pro7 LPX creates a “barrier” and stops/reduces fouling from adhering to the metal. This makes it easy to remove. The next photo is of the same barrel after 1 patch and M-Pro7 LPX Gun Oil.

G21 Barrel-3

I just wet 1 patch with LPX and pushed it through the bore with a jag tip. No brushing or scrubbing. 1 patch and that’s it!! You can see a few carbon particles left behind but most of the bore is clean. How easy is that?