Best Gun Grease 2016

If you’re looking for the best grease to use on a M1 Garand, Mini 14, M14 rifle, light and heavy machine guns, etc. then Weapon Shield Grease is the best. Remember grease is more effective where metal parts slide against each other. Oil works better on rotating parts like bolts, triggers, etc. Weapon Shield Grease is a Lithium Complex and far exceeds straight Lithium grease like Lubriplate.

So how do I know Weapon Shield Grease is the best? I watched several videos testing other lubricants to Weapon Shield CLP and nothing comes close. Weapon Shield grease is based on Weapon Shield CLP.

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Weapon Shield Gun Grease

Grease does have it’s drawbacks. It attracts debris like a magnet. Debris, dirt and fouling stuck to grease will then become an abrasive material which is not good.

Here is Weapon Shield Grease video from Weapon Shield Engineer George Fennell.