Best Gun Cleaning Brushes

Best Gun Cleaning Brushes

I have used many different gun cleaning brushes over the past 30 years. I now use 2 types…bronze and nylon. There are a few brands that makes these and I think all of them work fine. I like Hoppes No 9.


Bronze bristle gun cleaning brushes


Here is a nylon gun cleaning brush that I’m using to clean the gas piston from my AK-47.

So when do you use a nylon brush and when a bronze brush?

The answer is pretty simple. I use a nylon gun cleaning brush on the bolt, receiver and action of all of my guns. Nylon brushes work great to loosen fouling and dirt or debris. After brushing with a nylon brush with gun cleaner, I then wipe everything down with a clean dry cloth. If there is still carbon left like on the end of the AK-47 gas piston, I then use the bronze brush to remove the more stubborn fouling. Don’t worry…bronze will not scratch your gun.

You can buy nylon and bronze gun cleaning brushes here….Gun Cleaning Brushes at