Best Gun Cleaner Spray

So what’s the best gun cleaner spray?

I have tested and used many and I do mean MANY gun cleaners in the past 30 years.  There are 3 sprays that stand out from the crowd of gun cleaners and they are:

  1. M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner
  2. Mil-Comm MC25 Premium Weapon Cleaner
  3. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner

All 3 of these come in a spray bottle that makes it super easy to apply. Here are the reasons why I rate these 3 as the best gun cleaner sprays.

Excellent cleaning ability – the gun cleaner should loosen and help remove carbon and powder residue easily. You should not need to brush the area over and over to get it clean. A cleaning patch should be all that is need to remove the carbon fouling.

Non Toxic – I don’t like to use anything that is toxic period. I don’t want to have to use nitrile gloves, face mask and a smock when cleaning my guns. I don’t like cleaning my guns outdoors either. Some gun cleaners have a very strong odor and smell up the house quickly. You don’t want to breath those vapors either.

No strong smell – Don’t clean your guns outside, just get a cleaner that has no odor. Your family and lungs will thank you for it.

Does not stain – ever spill gun cleaner on your clothes or carpet? Some of them stain.

Easy spray bottle – I absolutely hate those wide mouth gun cleaner bottles! You have to dip the patches in it which is very awkward and then it drips all over. You can’t pour it easily either. Just get a spray gun cleaner.

Biodegradable – I don’t want to worry about how to dispose of toxic chemical gun cleaners. I just want to throw the empty bottle in the trash and know that it’s OK….Biodegradable Only.

Reasonably priced – Gun Cleaners should be reasonable priced and not over $20 for an 8 oz bottle. I like to use a lot of gun cleaner so price is a major concern for me.

Safe on metal and synthetics – Have you ever used a gun cleaner and noticed that the bluing on the barrel changed color where the gun cleaner was? I have. Not a good scenario. Many guns have polymer parts and frames, so you want a gun cleaner that will not eat into the polymer (Glocks).

Safe for any type bluing – Like I said before, you don’t want a gun cleaner to stain or lighten any metal treatments like bluing or browning. I have seen this happen.

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Let’s take a look at how they performed in a simple gun cleaner test. I use a piece of bare steel (.250 x 3 x 12)and some smokeless powder to test gun cleaners. I clean the steel bar first and then burn some smokeless powder on it. I then attempt to clean the carbon and powder residue off the steel bar with a gun cleaner. How easily the carbon is removed and if it is completely removed will determine how effective the gun cleaner is. Now let’s take a look at the gun cleaner test setup.

Here’s the gun cleaner test setup. I burn 2 or 3 charges of smokeless powder on the steel bar and then apply the gun cleaner. I let the gun cleaner soak for 10 minutes and then use several cleaning patches to try to wipe the area clean. It’s always quite obvious if a gun cleaner is good or not.

Here’s the M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner test. I sprayed some M-Pro 7 on the metal bar and then scrubbed it clean. This bottle is about 5 or 6 year old and still works really well. Go figure.

Here’s the aftermath of 40 grains of H4831 and a lighter. There’s plenty of carbon fouling burnt onto the metal. It will be hard to remove without a good gun cleaner.

Here’s a closeup of the powder residue. Now let’s see what M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner can do in 10 minutes.

I applied a liberal amount of M-Pro 7 and let it soak for 10 minutes. There are 2 very important factors here. 1. Apply a lot of gun cleaner and 2. Let it soak for 10 minutes. You can see in the photo that the carbon fouling wiped right off with no scrubbing or brushing. This is one of the best gun cleaner sprays available.

Now let’s take a look at how Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner performed.

Here’s the Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner in a handy spray bottle.

I sprayed 2 or 3 squirts of the Hoppe’s Elite on the fouling and then let it soak for 10 minutes. Here you see the fouling soaking. I make sure the fouling is soaked with cleaner. If the gun cleaner dries it will never work. Now let’s see what happens when I wipe the area off with some clean cleaning patches.

Here’s my first wipe. You can see the powder residue easily wiped or slid off the metal. Let’s wipe it straight across now.

Hoppe’s Elite soaked into the carbon and loosened it. It only took 2 cleaning patches to wipe the area clean. No scrubbing or brushing. This is a great and effective gun cleaner in a spray type bottle. This is the way a gun cleaner should work.

Let’s see how effective Mil Comm MC25 Weapon Cleaner was.

Here’s the Mil Comm MC25 Weapon Cleaner and the “task at hand” or rather the mess. Again I soaked the powder fouling thoroughly and let it sit for 10 minutes before doing anything. Here you can see the 10 minute soak taking place.

Here’s a closeup of the powder residue with the Mil Comm MC25 soaking in. If you don’t wait 10 minutes with most gun cleaners, it won’t work as well. It takes time to soak through the carbon and loosen it.

It doesn’t get any easier that this. Everything just wiped off with one pass of the cleaning patch. It works the exact same way in a gun barrel. Mil Comm MC25 is awesome. It’s also non-toxic so you do not have to worry about getting it on your hands or clothing. And it has no odor.