Best Gun Cleaner – Which One to Buy

Best Gun Cleaner – scientifically tested.

The best gun cleaner for removing fouling, dirt, grease, oil, carbon and other contaminates is one that I used for a very long time. I stopped using it because I wanted to try one of the “new” and “improved” gun cleaners/CLP. My MISTAKE!!

I like a gun cleaner that loosens carbon fouling, is not toxic, does not smell like gasoline and applies/wipes off easily. In the past 30 years, I have used many gun cleaners and most work rather well. What determines the best gun cleaner is based on an individual’s preferences. Here is my choice and recommendation.


I have used M-Pro7 for about 10 years on all kinds of guns from 1911’s to single shot handguns, hunting rifles to shotguns and assault rifles. I have also tried other gun cleaners like Shooter’s Choice and Hoppes No 9. They clean very well but in my opinion, they are not the best.

M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner is very easy to apply via the spray nozzle. I love spray applicators like this because you can spray it directly into the chamber and bore or onto patches. You can spray it on the action and let it soak. This is a much easier way to apply gun cleaner than with a open mouth jar/bottle like Hoppes or Shooter’s Choice.

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M-Pro7 loosens and dissolves carbon fouling, copper fouling and lead too. It also removes grease and oils left behind. It penetrates metal surfaces and lifts fouling off so it can be wiped away. M-Pro7 leaves metal surfaces “squeaky” clean and ready for an oil or lubricant. Continued use of M-Pro7 will result in “conditioned” metal surfaces where fouling will adhere less and wipe out easier with less scrubbing or no scrubbing. Each time you use M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner, you will notice that it takes less strokes and less patches to clean. If you are like me and don’t really enjoy spending hours cleaning your gun then M-Pro7 is the one.

To test whether M-Pro7 really removed all the fouling, I cleaned a Glock barrel with 2 other solvents after being first cleaned with M-Pro7. I pushed 2 tightly fitting wet patches through the Glock barrel using Hoppes No 9 first and then 2 wet with Ballistol CLP. All the patches came out clean.

I use M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner on my Zastava AK-47 because it makes cleaner faster and easier. I often fire 400-500 rounds at the gun range. M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner makes it fast and easy to make the Zastava “like new” again. I just have to wet patch and let soak then brush 10 times, dry patch and it’s clean.

M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner does not smell and is a clear liquid that is totally non-toxic and biodegradable. You can use it in the house without toxic fumes or nasty smells. It is human safe and environment safe.

Gun Cleaner Testing

I wanted to see how well popular gun cleaners work and to really see this you have to work outside a gun barrel. So I decided to create my own gun cleaner test with a couple pieces of tool steel, some smokeless powder and several gun cleaners.

Gun Cleaner Test setup

Here you can see the tool steel bar, gun powder and some gun cleaners.

I burned several charges of powder on top of the steel bar and then tried to clean it. This would tell me which gun cleaners work the best and which do not.

gun cleaner test - powder charge

gun cleaner test - combustion

gun cleaner test - burnt powder

Here is the burnt powder that needs to be cleaned. I’ll spray or apply a cleaner and let it soak and then attempt to wipe it clean with a patch.

m-pro 7 cleaning test

M-Pro 7 has been applied and soaked for 10 minutes. Let’s try to wipe it clean.

m-Pro 7 test results

The carbon fouling has certainly been loosened and removed easily. I did not have to scrub the area at all.

M=Pro 7 test results 2

It’s clean.