Best CLP or Cleaner Lubricant Protectant

Best CLP for Firearms

So what is the best CLP for firearms? Let’s take a look at the most popular CLP’s. Here is a short list of popular gun CLP’s:

  • BreakFree CLP
  • Ballistol CLP
  • FrogLube CLP
  • FireClean Gun Oil
  • Archoil AR4200
  • Weapon Shield
  • CorrosionX
  • Hornady One Shot Gun Cleaner

*** I picked Breakfree CLP out of all these CLPs because it does a slightly better job in all 3 areas. You can’t go wrong with it.

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There are 3 requirements of a CLP that need to be considered and they are all very different. The first requirement is it must clean carbon, copper and lead fouling from a gun barrel. The second requirement is lubrication. A lubricant must reduce friction for an extended period of time under high pressure and temperature. The third requirement is protection. The best CLP must provide long term protection against corrosion.

CLP Lubrication and Protection

If you only look at Lubrication, the best is Hornady One Shot and FrogLube. If we look at Corrosion Protection only, then Hornady One Shot and FrogLube are the winners. These two CLP’s provide the longest protection against corrosion…up to 144 hours in the elements.

CLP Cleaning

Now let’s throw in cleaning. I have used BreakFree CLP, Ballistol CLP, FrogLube CLP, FireClean, Archoil AR4200, Weapon Shield and CorrosionX to clean my Glocks and AK-47. All of these cleaned very well. They removed carbon fouling and some copper fouling. The copper fouling required more bore brushing to completely remove. Carbon fouling is removed fairly easily.

CLP’s do clean powder fouling but they are not nearly as effective as a straight water-based gun cleaner like M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner, Mil Comm MC25 or Slick2000 725 Gun Cleaner and also Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner. These cleaners will loosen ALL carbon fouling in 10 minutes and wipe totally clean….no brushing, no scrubbing. These cleaners were tested many times and they are awesome. I prefer to use a straight gun cleaner first to totally clean my guns and then treat them with a good CLP. I don’t care to brush my guns for an hour in order to remove all of the carbon. 10 minutes is much more pleasing.

Cleaning, Lubricating and Protecting Combined

Now let’s combine all three requirements together and see what stands out as the best CLP for firearms. I’m going to eliminate FrogLube CLP because I experienced some gumming up after 6 months of storage. I equally like and recommend the following CLP’s.

  1. Archoil AR4200
  2. BreakFree CLP
  3. Ballistol CLP
  4. Weapon Shield

These four gun CLP’s are very good and you could not go wrong with any one of these. All four of these CLP’s clean, lubricate and protect very well. Only one of them has any kind of smell which is Ballistol. It’s nothing like Hoppes No 9 Solvent though.

Archoil AR4200 CLP

One of my tests with Archoil AR4200 was how well does AR4200 repel fouling. Here is how I did the test. The Glock 22 was cleaned completely to remove prior oil with a solvent. I then cleaned the Glock with Archoil AR4200 as per instructions. The G22 was taken to the gun range and fired 100 time with 40 S&W. I took it home and examined the inside of the barrel to see how much fouling accumulated. Here is the test/review article. You will see that Archoil AR4200 did reduce the fouling. When I looked down the bore, it was still shiny. The AR4200 film was still present after 100 rounds of 40 S&W.

Ballistol CLP

I just used Ballistol to clean and lubricate my Zastava AK-47. It was previously cleaned and lubricated with Froglube CLP. The FrogLube turned sticky and needed to be removed. The action and receiver were cleaned with solvent. I then applied Ballistol to the bolt and AK receiver. 3 or 4 patches were run down the barrel with Ballistol. The patches came out dirty. Ballistol removed fouling that Froglube CLP did not. Ballistol is the only cleaner that can be used to remove corrosive fouling. You mix it with water and run it through the bore and action.

BreakFree CLP

My Glock 22 is now running on BreakFree CLP. BreakFree CLP cleans well and so far lubrication is awesome. It feels slicker than before. Breakfree has a great applicator, a long tube, that allows you to put a single drop in a very tight area without difficulty. There is no smell either.

Best CLP - Breakfree CLP

Glock 22 barrel after 50 rounds of .40 S&W.

Best CLP - breakfree clp and shiny barrel

Same Glock 22 barrel after 3 patches and BreakFree CLP. No brushing or scrubbing. I simply wet 3 patches with BreakFree CLP and pushed them through the bore. That’s it!

Best CLP - 3 cleaning patches