Best CLP Lubricant

What’s a good CLP or lubricant, protectant, cleaner for rifles, shotgun and handguns?

There are several good CLP’s that can be used on rifles, shotgun and handguns. And there are a few that are not so good but I won’t list those. Here are the ones that I have tried and work well.

  1. Break-Free CLP
  2. Ballistol CLP
  3. FireClean Gun Oil
  4. Archoil AR-4200
  5. CorrosionX CLP
  6. Hornady One Shot
  7. Weapon Shield
  8. M-Pro7 LPX

CLP’s as a Gun Cleaner

All of these products will clean carbon fouling really well plus some light copper fouling. The ideal cleaning method is to apply a liberal amount of the product and then let it soak for 15 minutes or so. Another tip is to clean the barrel when it’s warm. You can run a wet patch down the bore right after you’re done shooting or wait until your home and heat the barrel. I wait until I’m home and heat the barrel with a heat gun. I only do this when I’ve shot 200 or 300 rounds. If I only shoot 100 rounds or less, I just clean it cold.

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The great thing about these products is that the more you use them on your guns the easier and faster cleaning becomes. CLP’s tend to “season” the metal which repels fouling. I have cleaned my Glocks (Break-Free CLP) with only 3 patches and no bore brushing. 3 minutes total cleaning time.

G21 Barrel-3


Glock 21 barrel cleaned with 3 wet patches of Break-Free CLP. I shot 50 rounds through it at the range before cleaning it.

CLP’s as a Lubricant

Let’s talk about lubrication and CLP’s. If you apply a CLP correctly and this is very critical, it will lubricate extremely well and never cause a failure. So how do you apply a CLP correctly? You apply an EXTREMELY thin film on all surfaces. Here is how you do that.

  1. Apply a liberal amount of CLP on all contact surfaces.
  2. Now wipe down all surfaces with a clean dry cloth. Wipe it down until you think you wiped off too much, which can never happen. Remember you really can’t remove all of the CLP unless you use a solvent. Wiping it off with a clean dry cloth will never remove all of the CLP.

It has been proven scientifically that too much lubricant/oil increases friction plus it attracts dirt. Don’t do it.

CLP’s as a Protectant

Most CLP’s will provide a really good amount of corrosion protection. Some are much better than others but¬†unless you expose your guns to extremes like desert combat or salt spray than most will satisfy your needs. Hornady One Shot probably has the best protectant ¬†properties from the list. All of these CLP’s have passed a salt spray test. Some lasted longer than others but think about how often your gun will be exposed to salt spray. Not too often if ever.