Best Cheap Gun Cleaning Solvent

What’s the best cheap gun cleaning solvent today?

I have bought and used a lot of gun cleaning solvents in the past 30 years…everything from Hoppe’s No 9 solvent to the new tech cleaners like Mil-Comm MC25 and Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner. I’ve bought some for $50 and as little as $5.

With such a competitive market, the prices have come down with several options being available for about the same price. There are 4 really good choices in the $17-$20 range for a 8 oz bottle and these are all non-toxic and environmentally safe. Here’s the run down and my cheap gun cleaning recommendations:

  1. Otis 012-AR Gun Cleaner – ~ $17.00 /8 oz bottle
  2. Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaner – ~ $17.00 /8 oz bottle
  3. M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner – ~$18.00 /8 oz bottle
  4. Mil-Comm MC25 Gun Cleaner – ~$20.00 /8oz bottle

If you want to try one of these gun cleaners, here is a link to buy them online….Gun Solvents at