Best AR15 Gun Cleaning Kit 2015

Best AR15 Gun Cleaning Kit for 2015

The best AR15 gun cleaning kit is a toss up between 2 kits that I have used on a Stag Arms 2T and on a Smith and Wesson M&P 15 that I used to own. I like an AR15  gun cleaning kit that is easy to use and stores everything I need to perform a thorough cleaning such as a cleaning rod, cable or boresnake, gun cleaning solvent, gun oil/lubricant, brass brushes, patch jags, patches, tools and a case that keeps everything organized.

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My first recommendation for the best AR15 gun cleaning kit is the Otis M4/M16/AR15 Soft Pack Cleaning System. Otis makes some really cool and handy gun cleaning kits. I love their ingenuity. This Otis AR15 gun cleaning kit features a pull through memory-flex cable instead of a rigid metal cleaning rod. You use this cable to pull the bore brush and cleaning patches through the bore instead of pushing them through with a rod. It’s a handy system and works well once you learn how to fasten the patches to the jag tip. The steel cable is nylon coated to protect the bore from wear or scratches. This kit includes a 30 inch and 8 inch memory-flex cable. The Otis kit also includes an all purpose gun cleaner, bore brush, patch jag, patches, optics cloths, optics brush, optics lens cleaner, case plus some specialized tools to break down the AR15.

Otis AR15 Gun Cleaning Kit

Otis AR15 Gun Cleaning Kit-2

The 2nd AR15 gun cleaning kit that I would recommend as a best buy is the Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Maintenance Kit. This AR15 gun cleaning kit has fantastic reviews online…4 stars out of 5 stars. This kit has a really organized case that keeps everything in its place while being easy to access. The segmented cleaning rod is brass to protect the barrel bore, chamber and muzzle. The Real Avid AR15 cleaning kit comes with handy tools like an AR15 scraper which cleans 15 critical areas on the bolt carrier group. Most gun cleaning kits do not contain one of these. This cleaning kit does not include solvent or oil but you can use any of your favorites like M-Pro 7, BreakFree CLP or Otis Bio CLP.

Real Avid AR15 Gun Cleaning Kit Features

  • Brass rods and components
  • Star barrel chamber cleaning pads
  • 50 cleaning patches
  • Bore illuminator/safety flag
  • Phosphor bronze star chamber brush
  • 5.56/.223 bronze bore brush
  • Slotted tip for patches
  • Angled pick
  • Stuck round extractor
  • Nylon cleaning brush
  • AR15 scraper tool
  • AR15 field guide
  • Zippered case

Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Cleaning Kit

Real Avid AR15 Pro Pack Cleaning Kit-2