AR-15 Armorer’s Professional Tool Kit

If you are an AR-15 aficionado then you probably would benefit highly from an AR-15 Armorer’s tool kit. These kits include every tool necessary to work on an AR-15 rifle such as an armorer’s vice, AR-15 combo tool, upper vice block clamp, Delta ring tool, torque wrench, maintenance mat, sight tools, etc….19 pieces in total.

AR-15 Armorers Professional tool kit

Armorer’s kits are not only for gunsmiths but also are useful when cleaning an AR-15 rifle thoroughly. The tools make it easy to disassemble any AR-15. Sight tools always come in handy. This is the Wheeler kit. I have used Wheeler products in the past and they are good quality. I have some Wheeler punches and torque wrench/screwdriver. This is an extensive armorer’s 19 piece kit. It has excellent rating online….4.5 stars out of 5 stars from over 150 customers. Take a look at it at Amazon.comĀ