Allen Company Gun Cleaning Box/Kit

A gun cleaning box type kit is handy to have even though it is larger and takes up some space. The fact that they are really durable and hold a lot of stuff makes them indispensable. You can keep everything in one box. Allen Company makes a good one.

Gun Cleaning Box

The Allen Company gun cleaning box/kit is a larger size kit that will hold a lot of gun cleaning supplies and tools. The lid securely fastens down via 2 hasp type locks. The swing out handle makes it easy to carry for long periods of time. This box is sturdy and very roomy. And it comes with everything except gun cleaner and lubricant.

Gun Cleaning Box-1

The Allen Company gun cleaning box comes with 2 trays that hold the cleaning rods, brushes, patches, bore mops, bore brushes, jag tips and q-tips. The trays keep everything organized so you don’t have to dig through everything. The bottom of the box provides a ton of space for gun solvents, lubricants, rags, CLPs, gun scrubber, etc. I would recommend lining the bottom of the gun cleaning box with a rag or towel in case any of the solvents or oils leak out.

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