A Second Look at Weapon Shield CLP

I used Weapon Shield CLP on all my firearms about 2 years ago but stopped to give FrogLube a try. I have since dropped Froglube and have been trying various products like BreakFree CLP, Remington Rem Oil, Ballistol CLP and M-Pro7 Gun Cleaner and LPX. These all work very well but I ran into a video that rekindled my interest in Weapon Shield CLP.

Weapon Shield Solvent and CLP

If you want to try Weapon Shield CLP, here is a link where you can buy it online…Buy Weapon Shield CLP/Solvent at Amazon.com

Here is the video that made me rethink my primary gun CLP. It’s a friction test comparing Weapon Shield CLP to BreakFree CLP and Otis Elite Gun Oil. You can get more details here about the types of guns and the oils that are used to clean them, etc.

I found it amazing how Breakfree CLP and Otis Elite Gun Oil fail quickly and Weapon Shield CLP does not fail at a much higher load. This test is not a real gun scenario test like firing a gun until it fails but you have to admit it certainly does test lubricity and friction.

Weapon Shield does indeed lubricate much better than any other product tested and many other oils, lubricants and CLPs were tested including Froglube CLP, Fireclean CLP, Slip 2000 EWL, Lucas Gun Oil, G-96, synthetic motor oil, and Gunbutter. All other products cause the Falex Lubricant Test machine to seize up and smoke.