The Best Gun Cleaning Kit

The Best Gun Cleaning Kit 2016

The best gun cleaning kit, in my opinion and for my purposes is the M-Pro7 Tactical 3 Gun Cleaning Kit. It’s effective and simple and non-toxic.

If you are a traditional gun cleaner and use a brass or carbon fiber cleaning rod then you might not like the M-Pro7 Tactical 3 Gun Kit. It features 3 Boresnakes in lieu of the traditional cleaning rod, jags and bore brushes. It’s much easier and faster though.

M-Pro7 Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit

Here are the winning points of the M-Pro7 gun cleaning kit.

  1. M-Pro7 gun cleaner is non-toxic
  2. Effective at loosening and dissolving fouling
  3. Makes gun cleaning faster and easier every time you use it.
  4. Simple kit with few components
  5. Boresnakes clean very well, are easy to use and are safe for barrels
  6. M-Pro7 LPX gun oil is an excellent lubricant and protectant and repels carbon fouling
  7. M-Pro7 products are odorless
  8. Inexpensive

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