Gun-Werkz Ultra Gun Oil Review

Lubrication and protection are essential for the proper function of a firearm. Not all oil or lubes are the same. Most are petroleum based and old school oils that are toxic and flammable. They also burn off in the barrel. There are some really good high tech oils/lubricants on the market and Gun-Werkz Ultra Gun Oil is one of them.

Gun Werkz Ultra Gun Oil

Gun Werkz Ultra gun oil is a 100% synthetic oil formulated from 100% PAO synthetic based fluid. It is non toxic and non hazardous. There are no impurities that can cause nasty by products when exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures. Rust and corrosion inhibitors are added to the synthetic base which makes Ultra Oil superior to many conventional oils and lubricants.

Synthetic oils are different from Petro oils in many ways. Synthetic oils do not attract dirt and dust as easily and lubricate much longer. It’s also compatible with most plastics, wood and painted surfaces. Ultra Gun Oil is non flammable so no need to worry about storing it in your house. Many solvents and oils are flammable and hazardous to keep indoors.

Fett Affen Technologies manufactures Gun Werkz Ultra Gun Oil and Gun Werkz Gun Cleaning Fluid and is an American small business. Their Ultra Gun Oil is actually food safe.

I use Gun Werkz Ultra Gun oil on my Glocks and it performs extremely well. It is definitely different than other oils. It’s much thicker and smoother. One drop goes a long way. It is odorless too. I love the fact that it is totally SAFE for humans. I do not want to use any toxic chemicals and you don’t have to.