Otis Brass Bore Brushes Review

Two frequently overlooked essential tools for gun cleaning are bore brushes and patches. These two can make or break gun cleaning. Buy poor quality bore brushes and you will get frustrated with gun cleaning fast and your firearm will remain dirty.

So what so special or important about bore brushes? Aren’t they all the same?

They are NOT.

First off, they are made from different materials like brass, steel, nylon, plastic or Phos Bronze. There are also different design like the tornado. Some have finer bristles and others courser. Some brushes are longer than others. Then of course there is the quality itself. How well they are made.

I have been cleaning guns for over 35 years and have experience with hundreds of bore brushes. I have a good idea of what works and what does not by testing them on dirty guns.

Nylon or plastic bore brushes are poor tools to use to clean a gun barrel. You would think they would work as well as brass but sadly it is not true. I tried a few nylon bore brushes and they just do not work as well as brass. Here is how I can to that conclusion. I cleaned a Glock 22 barrel with a nylon brush until the patches came out clean. I then brushed the same barrel with a brass brush and then pushed a clean dry patch through it. The patch came out black.

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Here is a Glock 31 barrel that was cleaned with a nylon brush. You can see carbon fouling in the rifling.

brass bore brush cleaning

Here is the same G31 barrel after being cleaned with a brass Otis bore brush. Nice and spotless.

Brass or bronze brushes are the only brushes I use on any of my guns. Steel bore brushes can scratch a barrel. I won’t use steel on steel. As far as brass or bronze bore brushes go there are good ones and poor ones. I have used some that lost bristles in the bore or on the cloth I was cleaning on. I have also had some brushes that had bent bristles that would make it harder to push through the bore. I thought they were going to get stuck. I threw them away quickly.

There are many brass bore brushes on the market. I happen to really like Otis Bore Brushes. They are top quality in my opinion. They clean very well and last a long time.

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Otis brass bore brush

Otis uses Tufcor core wire that is corrosive resistant and safe on chrome moly and stainless steel barrels. Bristle retention is excellent. The threads on the base are quality and scew in tightly and securely. Others were loose when screwed all the way in or not threaded properly.

Another nice feature is each brush is stamped with the caliber so you know what’s what. Otis brushes come in a plastic tube container with the caliber markings too. These tubes make it nice for brush storage and to protect them from getting dirt and other foreign matter on them. Nice touch Otis!

Otis bore brushes

Very cool tube cases to hold each brush. I love this touch. I used to keep my brushes in a zip lock bag. This is much more organized and protects the brushes from dirt.