CLP Corrosion/Rust Test Final Results

I started a CLP corrosion test back in January 2014 and decided to stop the test and review the final results. The corrosion test consisted of a flat tool steel bar treated with various CLP products and then left out in the elements for 3 months. I also added a water spray every couple of days.

Here are the CLP products that I used.

  1. FrogLube CLP
  2. Archoil AR-4200
  3. CorrosionX
  4. XF7 Lubricant
  5. M-Pro 7 LPx

The results are quite interesting. Let’s take a look at the steel bar.

20140405 151442

The far left side is the control section where no product was applied. You can see it has a lot of rust on it.

Let’s take a close look at the control section.

20140405 151427

Most of the surface is rusted pretty bad. This is after 3 months of sitting out in the sun and sprayed with water every other day or so.

Let’s see how the XF7 lubricant did after 3 months of exposure.

20140405 151450

The XF7 lubricant did quite well. There is some rust but it is very light and only on a very small area. Let’s look a little closer.

20140405 151450

Here is a close up of the surface. The rust is minimal. XF7 performed pretty well on this torture test. I would recommend this product.

Now let’s look at Archoil AR-4200 CLP.

20140405 151453

Archoil AR-4200 performed very well also. Most of the surface is corrosion free. There are a few spots of corrosion but overall this is a great product. I would recommend AR-4200. I actually use this CLP on my Glocks.

Next is CorrosionX CLP.

20140405 151456

CorrosionX also did an excellent job with preventing corrosion in a torture test. Mostly rust free with the exception of some micro spots of rust. Great product and I recommend it.

M-Pro 7 LPx

20140405 151459

M-Pro 7 LPx is an excellent product and I have used it for many years. The surface is mostly corrosion free. I think the spots on this section are dirt from my backyard. It doesn’t look like rust. The LPx is an awesome product and I highly recommend it.

The final product in this torture test is FrogLube CLP

20140405 151503

There is some dirt on this section from a windy day but there is also some rust in the upper left hand corner. The rust is minimal. Froglube did a good job of protecting the bare metal against the sun, heat and rain. It is a very good product and remember this is a torture test or extreme test. Normal handguns do not go through these types of conditions. I also recommend FrogLube CLP.