New Boresnake Viper Gun Cleaner

Hoppe’s NEW Boresnake Viper.

Hoppes Boresnake Viper unboxing

Why I Use a Boresnake

First of all, I love the boresnake viper. It’s just so damn easy to use and safe to run through the bore. I use a boresnake on all of my rifles. Cleaning rods require a rifle to be held in place while you push the rod down the barrel. If you don’t have a rifle vise, it’s pretty difficult to accomplish one handed. The Boresnake makes it really easy…just feed the pull cord down the barrel, flip the rifle and pull the cord through the barrel. Buy It Now at

Hoppes Boresanke Viper - compact

Hoppes Boresnake Viper Features

The Boresnake Viper is a new and improved boresnake. It features 50% more brush surface area. It’s like pulling 3 bore brushes through the barrel. This should remove more fouling with each pull though. I really like this concept. I use boresnakes on my AK-47 and Hi Point 4095TS.

Boresnakes are a tight fit and take considerable effort to pull them through a barrel. They work really well for me. The Viper also features a caliber stamped brass weight on the pull cord. Great for figuring out what caliber it is without the original packaging. There is also a lubrication zone and a cone bore guide.

Hoppes Boresnake Viper bore brushes

Here are the bore brush sections. Notice the 3 separate brush sections. I put CLP in between each brush section. This provides CLP after each brush action. Helps loosen fouling.

Hoppes Boresnake Viper wiping section

The heavy woven fabric snake is a really tight fit and really wipes fouling off. There is a lot of surface area on the boresnake that wipes the bore. Way more than patches. It’s also washable. I hand wash mine and dry them outside.

Hoppes Boresanke Viper rope end

How to Use the Hoppes Boresnake Viper

Here is my gun cleaning procedure when using a boresnake. The very first thing I do is wet the gun bore with a good CLP like Froglube, M-Pro7, Weapon Shield or AR4200. Let it soak for 20-30 minutes. It’s even better on a warm or hot barrel.

Now I apply CLP to the front of the boresnake, in front of the brush section and in between brushes on the Viper and another application a few inches past the brushes. So I apply CLP to 3 different sections of the boresnake. Apply the CLP to 1 inch sections of the boresnake. Then I pull it through 3 or 4 times. Now I check to see if the CLP sections are still wet. If not, I reapply CLP and pull the boresnake through the barrel 3 more times.

How many times I pull a boresnake through a gun depends on how many rounds I shot. Most of the time I shoot 100-200 rounds. 6 passes is usually enough for my AK. CLP soak time is critical. If the fouling is loose, the boresnake will easily remove it all.

For a badly fouled gun, repeat the CLP soak and boresnake pull several times.