Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil

OK…this is a new one for me. I have heard of Royal Purple motor oil but I did not know they also made a synthetic gun oil. Their motor oil is highly revered and probably one of the top motor oils available. Royal Purple has an excellent reputation.

Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil

Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil is a true synthetic and one of the most highly advanced lubricants specifically designed for firearms. It was specifically designed to reduce friction, corrosion and fouling buildup on firearms. It has passed the dreaded Salt Water test also. This is a tough test to pass. Salt water is highly corrosive to most metals and seems to work its way under most ordinary oils and lubricants.

Royal Purple synthetic gun oil fills the pores of metal with a very slippery film. This film or “barrier” reduces surface friction while repelling fouling, dirt and moisture. It’s also remains fluid in very low temperatures but does not thin in high temperatures. Royal Purple’s “secret” ingredient is Synerlec, a proprietary oil additive technology that makes this oil suitable for extreme operating conditions like dusty hot deserts, frozen arctic tundra or humid swamps.

Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil is not found in most sporting goods stores but you can find it online. Here is probably the best place to buy it online….Royal Purple Gun Oil at

Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil Features

  • Easy to apply on metal or polymer surfaces
  • Long lasting
  • Preserves in long periods of storage
  • Superior anti-corrosion properties
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Repels fouling
  • Makes cleaning easier

Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil Application

Thoroughly clean your gun with a good gun solvent. Remove all traces of fouling and oils/lubricants. Now coat all metal surfaces with a thin coat of Royal Purple gun oil. Wipe any excess off with a cotton cloth or patch. Remember, you want a super thin film for optimum results. Run a wet patch through the barrel/bore several times followed by a dry tight fitting patch.

Royal Purple Metal Wear Test

I have a simple yet effective wear test for gun oils. It consists of a flat metal bar and a smaller metal wear block which is slid against the flat bar in a back and forth motion, simulating the action of a firearm.

Here is a photo of the gun oil wear test setup. The bottom of the small steel block is blued to make it easier to see any metal wear.

I used a Bluing Pen to blue the steel block. It’s very easy and works really well in the test.

Here’s the Presto Blue Touch-up pen. It works great for bluing small areas on barrels and actions. Just clean the metal thoroughly and then color the area with the bluing magic marker. Let dry and then wipe clean and then apply oil or CLP. It’s a great product and worked very well for my gun oil wear tests.

First I clean all surfaces with a good water-based gun cleaner like Mil Comm MC25. Then I apply the gun oil and spread it evenly with a sock or a few cleaning patches. Then I wipe off any excess gun oil before starting the wear test.

I applied 3 shots of Royal Purple Gun Oil from the spray can onto the surface of the flat steel bar.

Here’s the wear block with a shot of Royal Purple. I’ll rub it into the metal with a clean sock.

I rubbed the gun oil into the metal just like I would on any of my guns. Then I wipe off the excess with another clean sock. When it comes to lubrication and friction reduction, a very thin film works better than a thick layer.

Now the test is ready. I slid the wear block back and forth on the flat bar just like a gun action. I did not put any downward pressure on the wear block, only enough force to push it forward and pull it back. I do this back and forth motion or cycle 100 times and then examine the underside or bottom of the wear block. The bluing or lack of, will highlight the wear areas.

..forward wear block position.

…rear or back block position….x100

Here are the results from 100 cycles with Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil as the lubricant. You can see where the bluing was worn off on the top portion of the wear block. During the wear test, I could feel how slippery the Royal Purple gun oil was as compared to no lubrication. It is an excellent lubricant and works best with a very thin film.

There was very little wear and it only affected the bluing. The metal surface was not worn during this test. Synthetic oils are much better than petro oils in both cars and guns. They reduce friction much better and have a much higher flash point and molecular breakdown.

Royal Purple Gun Oil Corrosion Test

For the benefit of gun owners who already use or would like to use Royal Purple Gun Oil, I’m going to do a corrosion test so you know what to expect.

I use a simple corrosion test consisting of a bare steel bar, gun oil or CLP, water sprayer and a desert climate. I clean the metal bar with a good gun cleaner such as Mil Comm MC25 and then apply the gun oil. I let the gun oil sit for 24 hours before subjecting it to water. The test metal bar is left outside in the Arizona desert climate with every other day water sprays. I continue the test until rust appears.

Here’s the Royal Purple Gun Oil and the bare steel bar.

I use a steel file to remove all traces of corrosion and to provide a shiny surface which makes rust easy to spot.

One shot of gun oil from the aerosol can is all that’s needed. I’ll rub it in just like I would if I were applying on one of my guns. Then it will sit 24 hours.

I used a clean white sock to spread the gun oil evenly and to rub it in the pores.

24 hours later – Corrosion Test

I sprayed the test bar with 2 good squirts of water. You can see it beaded up very well but let’s see what happens in the next 24 hours. Water beads do not always mean protection.

24 Hours After 1st Water Spray

Let’s take a look at the test metal bar after 24 hours and 1 water spray.

No signs of rust yet…the test continues.

7 days after Corrosion Test Start

The Royal Purple Gun Oil corrosion test is now hitting the 7 day mark and doing quite well. I did not expect a straight gun oil to do well in a corrosion test involving water sprays. Let’s take a look at the test bar.

Here’s a closeup of the metal bar after 3 water sprays and 7 days in the Arizona desert heat. There appears to be some very tiny spots of rust in the upper left hand corner. It is very faint but it’s still rust. Royal Purple Gun Oil did very well in this extreme corrosion test.

Royal Purple Synthetic Gun Oil Reviews

  • 5 stars “…it beats out BreakFree and all those other Big Name oils…”
  • 5 stars”….this gun oil stays put unlike others that evaporate in minutes…”
  • 5 stars “…my M1 Garand fires in semi auto mode much faster than when I was using Remington oil….”
  • 5 stars  “…my Sig P938 used to FTF 2 rounds out of 50 until I started using Royal Purple Gun Oil. Now I can shoot 150 rounds without incident….”
  • 5 stars “…I used to have to reapply oil on my 1911 every 100 rounds but now with Royal Purple gun oil, I can shoot well over 200 rounds without oiling…”
  • 5 stars  “…my semi autos used to run slower in the cold Idaho winters. I switched to Royal Purple gun oil and now they run the same speed as summer time!!”
  • 5 stars  “…made my Sig impossibly easy to clean…”
  • 5 stars  “…my shotgun failed on the last day of the season when it was bitter cold. I took it home and took it apart. I found the oil I was using turned to honey. It was thick and gummy. Now I only use synthetic gun oil and Royal Purple at that…”