Remington Rem Oil – Good or Not So Good?

So what’s the scoop on Remington Rem Oil? Is it any good on firearms?

I’ll answer this right off the bat for you….POSSIBLY!

According to an extensive friction coefficient test where 46 CLP’s/Gun Oils were tested for lubrication and corrosion resistance properties, Rem Oil did well in the friction testing. I was surprised. I always thought is was cheap garbage oil. Was I wrong??? Maybe or Maybe Not.

I would not rate Rem Oil as an excellent lubricant though. Here is the reason why. I did a friction test using an inclined plane and a metal sled….read the details on the Rem Oil Friction Test here.

Remington Rem Oil

Rem Oil is a good oil for firearm lubrication and corrosion resistance. It’s almost a CLP according to Remington. Rem Oil will clean dirt and grime from metal surfaces but I’m not sure about carbon/powder fouling. I will be buying some to test shortly though. Let’s see if it will clean my Glock 22 barrel after 50 rounds. Stay tuned!

1/19/2016 Update

I used Rem Oil on my Glock 22 and Glock 21 over the weekend before heading off to the gun range. Rem Oil is very thin…like water. It quickly soaks into a patch and is colorless so it’s hard to tell how much Rem Oil is on the patch. Anyway, I lubricated both Glocks with Rem Oil before shooting.

I really like Rem Oil!!!

After you apply it to a metal surface it dries to a super slick dry film. I would expect this dry film to repel dirt, fouling, debris, etc. really well. Both Glocks functioned flawlessly at the range with Rem Oil. I like the fact that my Glocks are now dry to the touch.

Rem Oil contains an exclusive Teflon formula that provides a super thin film that decreases friction and provides a barrier against corrosion. Nothing sticks to Teflon….just look at a T-Fal frying pan.

Rem oil has been around at least 50 years and is still around with all the competition. Rem oil comes in a 1 ounce squeeze bottle, an aerosol can and wipes. It is super cheap too. The 1 oz bottle is about $5. Shop Rem Oil at