Recommended Oil for AR-15 Rifle

What is the recommended oil for the AR-15 Rifle?

Gun manufacturers do not recommend any name brand oil for use on their guns. For obvious reasons.

I have owned 3 AR-15’s, a Stag Arms Model 2T, a Smith & Wesson M&P15 and a Bushmaster. I never had 1 failure in any one of these rifles. I used several oils on them including BreakFree CLP, M-Pro 7 LPX and Froglube CLP.

All of these products are excellent lubricants for the AR-15 however I would highly recommend Froglube CLP over the other 2 because Froglube CLP dries after being applied and will not attract dirt and fouling. It is amazingly slippery after applied and is dry to the touch and is NON-TOXIC. I believe that Froglube CLP will outlast the lubricity of the other 2 at some point. I have never tested this but I have shot 1,000 rounds out of the Stag Arms 2T without a break for lubrication. It was treated with Froglube CLP.

If you would like to give Froglube CLP a try, here is a link where you can buy it with free shipping….Froglube CLP at