Gun Cleaning Cloth – Microfiber Towel Kit

Ultimate Gun Cleaning Cloth Kit – microfiber towels

I absolutely love using microfiber towels on my car. Little did I know they work equally well on firearms. Microfiber gun cleaning cloths pickup and hold dirt and dust better than any other fabric. They are also very soft and absorbent.

I started using microfiber towels/cloths for gun cleaning and I really like The Rag Company. They make an excellent gun cleaning cloth plus offer a gun cleaning towel kit which includes 20 cloths of varying sizes and colors. Here is what you get….

  • (6) Dark Grey
  • (6) Black 10″ x 10″ microfiber terry towels for all purpose cleaning
  • (1) Grey and (1) Black 12″ x 12″ silky soft microfiber suede cloths for cleaning/polishing/buffing all metals & optics
  • Variety of (6) Light Grey, White, and/or Black (depending upon color availability)
  • 6″ x 7″ knit microfiber lens cloths for use on all optics and smaller parts/pieces

I really like having different color gun cleaning cloths. I use different colors for different tasks. I use the darker colors for the heavy cleaning duties and white or light Grey for dusting or light cleaning. By doing this, I don’t use a heavy cleaning cloth for dusting which might spread dirt and oil around instead of picking it up. You can buy them here….Buy Now at

Gun Cleaning Cloth Kit - The Rag Company

Gun Cleaning Cloth – Southern Bloomer

Gun Cleaning Cloth from Southern Bloomer

I’ve used all kinds of gun cleaning cloths in the past from old socks to T-shirts to old towels and shop towels. I never specifically bought a gun cleaning cloth before until I ran into Southern Bloomer and their gun cleaning patches.

Gun cleaning cloth from Southern Bloomer

Here was one of my Gun Cleaning Give-Aways.

Why Southern Bloomer Gun Cleaning Cloth?

I fell in love with Southern Bloomer patches and then noticed their gun cleaning cloth. And actually what happened was I posted a “give-away” on this blog and Southern Bloomer gave me some products to include in the “give-away”. There were 2 packages of gun cleaning cloths for the product sponsorship. Ever since then I started buying them. Southern Bloomer is a fantastic company with fantastic products. You have to try them!

Gun Cleaning Cloth Materials

I know quite a few people use T-shirts. The problem I had with these is they leave lint and threads on your gun and in the barrel. That’s not ideal. You may think you can use any material for gun cleaning buy it’s not always ideal. Some materials absorb better than others. Cotton knit is far superior to terry cloth for absorbing liquids. Terry cloth doesn’t pickup dust very well either.

Southern Bloomer Products

The Southern Bloomer gun cleaning cloth and patch are made from a super soft and absorbent 100% cotton knit. It has no lint or strings. It is the perfect material for gun cleaning. It absorbs liquids better than any other patch or cloth plus picks up and holds dirt and dust like a magnet. I found nothing better.

Southern Bloomer gun cleaning cloths are the best. You can buy them here…Buy Now at

Best gun cleaning cloth - Southern Bloomer


Best Gun Cleaning Rods 2018

Best Gun Cleaning Rods for 2018

I have used many gun cleaning rods and shotgun cleaning rods in the past 35 years. I can tell you which ones are the best, at least in my opinion and why.

Here is my list of best gun cleaning rods

  • Dewey Carbon Fiber rods
  • Hoppes Elite Carbon Fiber rods
  • Gunslick Carbon Fiber rods
  • Tipton Carbon Fiber rods

Best gun cleaning rods - Gunslick carbon fiber

Gunslick Carbon Fiber Gun Cleaning Rod

I only use Carbon Fiber gun cleaning rods because they are lightweight, unbreakable and will never damage a gun barrel. They do not cost much more than a steel or brass cleaning rod and are worth the money. Steel, brass and aluminum gun cleaning rods can become embedded with dirt or sand and then can scratch the gun bore. A scratched bore will ruin accuracy.

All of the gun cleaning rod brands I listed above have a comfortable handle with a roller bearing attaching it to the rod. A roller bearing ensures the handle rotates while the rod and brush engage the barrel rifling and turn easily. They are good quality cleaning rods and will last many years. Most carbon fiber cleaning rods cost about $30. They are well worth the money.

Shotgun Cleaning Rods

When it comes to shotgun cleaning rods, you can use aluminum or brass as well as coated steel and carbon fiber. Shotgun barrels are smooth bores, most of the time,  and can’t get damaged enough by a metal cleaning rod to change its shot pattern. Rifled slug barrels are a different story and should be handled like a regular rifle or handgun, cleaning wise. Aluminum, brass and coated steel will work fine on any shotgun other than a $20,000 double. I used aluminum and brass cleaning rods on my Browning Citori and Maxxum shotguns. I’ve also used Boresnakes with great success.