Gun Oil Wear Test – Royal Purple Gun Oil

Royal Purple is most famous for their synthetic motor oil but they also make a synthetic gun oil. Let’s see how well it reduces metal wear and friction.

Royal Purple Gun Oil Wear Test

Here is the wear test setup. The 24″ x 4″ 6061-T6 aluminum bar is the base and the sled or block, 4″ x 6″ 6061-T6 slides on top and creates wear and friction. When I apply an oil to both contact surfaces there should be a reduction in wear. The aluminum surfaces are polished using 400 grit sandpaper. I use aluminum because it is much softer than steel and will show wear in a short period of time. I run the test for 75 cycles. 1 cycle is a back and forth motion of the sled.

Royal Purple Gun oil Wear Test Results

I applied the Royal Purple Gun Oil to both surfaces via the spray tube and then wiped the excess off with clean patches. Then I conducted the test. You can see a dark area in the middle of the 24″ bar. This is gun oil and tiny aluminum particles after the 75 cycle test.

Royal Purple Gun Oil Wear Test Results

Here you can see both contact surfaces before cleaning. Royal Purple Gun Oil did not feel as slippery as some of the other gun oils. I was slightly disappointed.

Royal Purple Gun Oil Wear Test Results - Sled

Here is the sled after cleaning the oil and debris off. You can see some scratches and wear.

Royal Purple Gun Oil Wear Test Results 3

On the right side, you can see the scratches.

Royal Purple Gun Oil Wear Test Results 4

Here’s a closeup of the scratches.

Conclusion:┬áRoyal Purple Gun oil allowed significant wear and scratches to occur on both surfaces. It’s better than no oil but there are certainly better choices available.