Gun Oil Friction Test – Ballistol CLP

Ballistol is a very popular CLP and the best if you use corrosive ammo. I have used it on my Zastava NPAP M70 AK-47 without any issues. It cleans, protects and lubricates very well.

So how well does it reduce friction?

Let’s find out by using a simple friction test…the Inclined Plane/Sled.

Ballistol CLP

Ballistol mas many purposes from lubrication to corrosion protection to cleaning to preserving leather and wood. If you want to try Ballistol, here is a link….¬†Shop for Ballistol CLP at

Here is the inclined plane/sled friction test setup. It’s simple but effective. Here is the theory behind it… A metal sled is placed on one end of an inclined plane. The same end of the inclined plane is raised until the sled slides. This is the angle or slope where gravity overtakes friction. If you apply a lubricant on the metal surfaces, the sled should slide at a lower angle than bare metal because the oil reduces the friction.

Ballistol CLP Friction Test

The Test: I sprayed a liberal amount of Ballistol on the inclined plane and the bottom of the sled. I then took several clean patches and evenly spread the Ballistol. I then took several more clean patches and wiped off the excess Ballistol. A very thin film is the best scenario with lubricants. I have tested them using too much and the angle is usually around 45 degrees before the sled moves. Too much is not good for friction reduction.

I then proceeded to perform the friction test 5 times, raising the incline plane until the sled slides, measuring the angle with a Wixey digital angle gauge then lowering it back to the start position and placing the sled at the top. I took the 5 sets of data and averaged them. The average angle or slope where the sled moved using Ballistol was 11.36 degrees. Remember that bare metal was 15 degrees. So Ballistol reduced friction by about 25%.

Ballistol friction test results

Ballistol is a pretty good lubricant but you must apply it correctly. Wipe off as much as you can after you apply it. You can see the shine it leaves on the inclined plane.