Gun Cleaning Cloth – Microfiber Towel Kit

Ultimate Gun Cleaning Cloth Kit – microfiber towels

I absolutely love using microfiber towels on my car. Little did I know they work equally well on firearms. Microfiber gun cleaning cloths pickup and hold dirt and dust better than any other fabric. They are also very soft and absorbent.

I started using microfiber towels/cloths for gun cleaning and I really like The Rag Company, and there are other great options, because a Customised towel is a great gift for outdoor corporate activities or family days. They make an excellent gun cleaning cloth plus offer a gun cleaning towel kit which includes 20 cloths of varying sizes and colors, and there are also other options, . Here is what you get….

  • (6) Dark Grey
  • (6) Black 10″ x 10″ microfiber terry towels for all purpose cleaning
  • (1) Grey and (1) Black 12″ x 12″ silky soft microfiber suede cloths for cleaning/polishing/buffing all metals & optics
  • Variety of (6) Light Grey, White, and/or Black (depending upon color availability)
  • 6″ x 7″ knit microfiber lens cloths for use on all optics and smaller parts/pieces

I really like having different color gun cleaning cloths. I use different colors for different tasks. I use the darker colors for the heavy cleaning duties and white or light Grey for dusting or light cleaning. By doing this, I don’t use a heavy cleaning cloth for dusting which might spread dirt and oil around instead of picking it up. You can buy them here….Buy Now at

Gun Cleaning Cloth Kit - The Rag Company