FrogLube CLP Review

Froglube is a non toxic, biodegradable gun cleaner, lubricant and protectant or CLP. It is an amazing product. It accomplished 3 processes in one. It cleans fouling from guns, lubricates moving parts and protects metal from corrosion and rust. It penetrates deep into the micro pores of the metal to prevent fouling from adhering to the metal. It creates a slick surface that decreases friction. Because it penetrates the metal pores, it prevents the elements from coming in contact with the metal. The more you use Froglube CLP on your guns, the easier they will be to clean.

Froglube CLP is available in liquid form and paste. Either works great while the paste is easier to apply in some circumstance where you don’t want the CLP to run. The liquid is better for bore cleaning patches while the paste works better on a wire bore brush because it stays put.


Froglube CLP Cleaning Kit includes Froglube CLP, Froglube CLP Paste, Froglube Solvent, Lint Free Cloth, Nylon Utility Brush and cotton tip swabs. Just about everything you need to start cleaning your guns. I like using the Froglube Paste on bore brushes and utility brushes. The liquid Froglube is great to use with cleaning patches and cloths. You will love the smell in addition to it’s lubrication and protection properties.

Is Froglube safe?

Health Hazard Data from MSDS

  • Inhalation – None
  • Skin – None
  • Ingestion – None
  • Health Hazards (acute and chronic) – None
  • Carcinogenicity – None
  • NTP – None
  • Signs and symptoms of exposure – None
  • Medical conditions generally aggravated by exposure – N/A
  • Precautions in case of spillage – N/A
  • Waster disposal method – normal trash

Here are the Froglube CLP product specifications

  • Food grade biodegradable
  • Non toxic
  • Non flammable
  • Manufactured from wholly US components
  • Non hazardous
  • CLP
  • Extreme temperature range
  • Harmless to plastic and rubber
  • Corrosion protection against salt spray
  • Recommended for airsoft and paintball guns
  • Recommended for black powder firearms

So why is Froglube better than other CLP’s?

Froglube goes on wet and penetrates into the metal and dries in a short period of time. It forms a dry barrier that lubricates and protects metal surfaces. It is not wet and slippery like most oils and lubricants. Froglube is a treatment system. It “seasons” the metal and makes subsequent cleanings faster and easier.

Here is an intense gun CLP test/review involving corrosion resistance and lubrication where Froglube tops most other CLP’s….CLP Test.

How is Froglube applied?

Here is how you apply Froglube the very first time.

  1. Clean your entire firearm with Froglube Solvent to remove all other lubricants, oils, sludge, dirt, cosmoline, etc. This prepares it for the application of Froglube CLP.
  2. Heat metal surfaces or apply Froglube to a warm firearm. You can do this treatment on a cold firearm but it works much better on warm or hot metal surfaces. Warm or hot metal allows it to penetrate deeper. It makes a huge difference and I always clean my gun “hot” with Froglube CLP. I use a heat gun to heat my guns up. I heat everything up to about 120 degrees and then apply the CLP. Then I let it cool off.
  3. Apply a liberal amount on all gun parts ( with a cotton ball, patch or q-tip ) and let it soak for about 15 minutes or so. It should produce a dry surface but slick to the touch. I apply another light coat after this to get a deeper barrier. Then wipe with a clean dry cloth.
  4. Now your firearm is ready for action.
  5. After each shooting session, clean you firearm as you would with any other cleaner. The cleaning process is no different with Froglube CLP. Always apply a liberal amount of CLP to the bore. You want it to be able to penetrate the fouling and it has to be wet in order to do this.

froglube solvent-1

Clean your firearms thoroughly with Froglube Solvent first. Spray the Solvent liberally all over the metal surface of your gun. Then lightly scrub the surfaces with a nylon brush. Now wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth or some cleaning patches. Now you are ready to apply the Froglube CLP.

froglube solvent and CLP

The more times you clean your gun with Froglube, the easier it will get. It builds up in the metal pores and retards fouling. You can feel the difference. The metal surface has a slick feel to it but is not wet.

I use Froglube because it works extremely well and it’s NON TOXIC. I don’t want to be concerned about nasty chemicals in my house. It has a nice minty odor and does not make your skin crack like other cleaners. Froglube CLP is colorless which means it will not stain your clothing or gun case. When I clean my guns with Froglube CLP, I do not have to wear protective eye wear, latex or nitrile gloves nor long sleeve shirts. If you spill it on the floor, it’s no big deal unlike some of the flammable gun cleaners which will evaporate and fill the room with flammable and toxic fumes. I choose not to deal with this type of situation. I don’t have to.

I use it on all of my Glocks and love it. I also have used it on my AK-47 and AR-15s. When it’s applied to metal surfaces, they become super slick. There’s no other CLP like Froglube.

20140125 104628

Here is my Glock 22 disassembled and ready for a good thorough cleaning. When I clean my guns like the Glock, I use a generous amount of Froglube CLP in the bore and a little less on the slide. I then scrub it and then wipe clean. When using Froglube CLP as a lubricant, apply in a very thin film for best results. In other words, apply the Froglube and then wipe the excess off with a clean cloth or cleaning patch. Too much Froglube will cause it to become sticky and attract dirt and debris.

Froglube CLP Corrosion Test

I’m in the process of testing the corrosion resistance properties of Froglube CLP. I’m testing it in 3 different scenarios.

  1. Apply Froglube at ambient temperature with no soak time
  2. Apply Froglube at ambient temperature with 24 hour soak time
  3. Apply Froglube heated (95 degrees F) with 24 hour soak time

My corrosion test is simple. I apply a gun oil or CLP to a clean bare metal plate and let it sit outdoors in the desert climate. The temperature ranges from 66 – 99 degrees F. Every other day I spray water on the treated plate. I continue the test until rust appears.

Here’s the simple corrosion test setup. Clean, bare metal test plate and a CLP.

As per the Froglube instructions, I thoroughly clean the test plate with Froglube Solvent. This will remove all contaminates like oil, gun cleaner and dirt.

Here I started to spread the Froglube CLP (liquid) over the test plate (dark area).

Now it evenly spread over the metal surface. Now I’m going to spray water on it and let it sit for 24 hours.

Here is the treated test plate with a water spray. I’ll let it sit for 24 hours and then check on it.

24 hours later

Here are the surprising results. There is definitely corrosion or rust. In this corrosion test, I applied Froglube and then sprayed water on it right afterwards. There was no soaking or rubbing in. Just a quick application.

The proper way to apply Froglube is to clean everything with Froglube Solvent and then apply Froglube CLP to warm metal and rub in in. Then wait several minutes and apply another coat. This is how I perform the next Froglube CLP corrosion test.

In this test, I will rub the Froglube CLP in and let it sit for 24 hours before spraying with water. The metal test plate is at ambient temperature which was about 76 degrees F.

I cleaned the surface with the CLP and rubbed it in good with several patches.

You can see that some dirt was removed from the test plate even though it was cleaned with Solvent. Now it will sit for 24 hours.

24 Hours after Corrosion Test Start

After the Froglube CLP soaked for 24 hours, I sprayed the test bars with ordinary water to begin the corrosion test. The test bar on the top row on the left is the cold application while the sample on the bottom is the hot sample. The sample on the top row on the right is the “no soak” sample.

This is the “cold” sample where Froglube CLP was applied on a metal bar that was at room temperature. The water beaded nicely.

This is the “hot” sample where froglube CLP was applied to a heated metal bar (95 degrees F). The water beaded on the treated surface.

24 Hours After Water Spray

The only test sample with corrosion is the very first one which is the “no soak” corrosion test. The other 2 remain corrosion free.

10 days later – Froglube CLP Cold Corrosion Test Results

The steel bar with the cold application of Froglube CLP finally rusted after 10 days. It was subject to temperature ranges of 65-108 degrees F and 5 water sprays. Let’s take a look at the steel bar.

Here are both the Hot and Cold treated steel bars with small rust spots. The heated application did no better than the cold or ambient temperature application of Froglube CLP.

You can see the rust spots where the water beads were. So 10 days of 65-108 degree temperatures and 5 water sprays were the limit of Froglube CLP as far as corrosion protection are concerned which is pretty good.

3rd Corrosion Test

In this 3rd Froglube CLP corrosion test, I’m heating the test metal plate and then applying the Froglube. I heated the test plate to 95 degrees F.

Here’s the heated metal plate with Froglube CLP applied liberally and rubbed in. It will sit for 24 hours before I spray it with water.

24 Hours (May 1st) after Hot Froglube CLP Application

I sprayed water on this metal bar after a soak period of 24 hours. The water beaded as expected. Now let’s see what happens after 24 hours in the desert heat.

The “heated” Froglube test sample is the bottom one and it has no corrosion or rust at the 24 hour mark. The water spray will continue every other day until rust appears.

10 Days Later – Froglube CLP (hot) Corrosion Test

The heated and treated metal bar has finally rusted. It has been 10 days since I started the corrosion test.

The 2 top metal bars are the heated and non-heated test samples and both have rust spots. Let’s take a close look.

Here’s a closeup of the heated and treated steel bar. You can see the rust spots appear exactly where the water beads were. It’s very light rust but still rust. Froglube CLP will protect bare metal in the worst conditions for over a week. That’s great!! Remember you wouldn’t wet your guns every other day and not wipe them off in a 10 day period. At least I hope not.

Froglube CLP “Seasoning” Test

I’m going to test the Froglube CLP “seasoning” properties. Froglube CLP is supposed to prevent fouling the more you use it. So powder fouling should be easier to remove after numerous cleanings. Let’s test it.

I’m going to use a bare steel .250 x 1.5 x 12 bar to test Froglube CLP “seasoning” properties on.

Here’s the test setup. I cleaned the steel bar with Froglube Solvent first and then heated the bar in the sun to 103 degrees F. I’m using Froglube CLP paste in this test. The dark area in the center of the bar is from prior gun cleaner tests.

Here I started to apply the Froglube paste. I will apply a very liberal amount of the CLP so it can soak in.

The test plate is now ready to sit for 24 hours before I start the test. For the test, I’ll burn some smokeless powder on the plate and then clean it. I will repeat this 10 or more times to see if the fouling becomes easier to remove.

I cleaned the steel bar each day this week with Froglube CLP. I will burn some powder on the steel bar shortly and see how easily it cleans.

7 Days of Cleaning with Froglube CLP

For 1 week I have been cleaning the test steel bar with Froglube CLP in order to see if it really does “Season” the metal and make it easier to clean. Here’s what happened after the first week…

This is the powder burn or gun cleaner test setup. The Froglube treated steel bar is in the center along with some smokeless powder and a fire stick.

I placed a small charge, about 40 grains, of H4831 on the treated steel bar.

Ignition….and then a more charge of powder and a 2nd burn.

Here’s the carbon fouling. Let’s apply some Froglube and see if it cleans easily.

I first tried to just wipe the fouling off but that did not work, so I applied more Froglube CLP and let it sit overnight. Then I tried to wipe/scrub the area clean. You can see by the photo, it did not wipe clean. Some carbon fouling came off but most did not no matter how much I scrubbed with a cleaning patch. I then tried a nylon utility brush.

The nylon brush removed more carbon but it did not clean the area.

So 7 cleanings with Froglube did not produce a “seasoning” effect so I’ll continue and see what happens after 20 cleanings.

So how did I clean off the carbon in order to continue this test?

Water…I used some water to remove the stubborn fouling.

I sprayed some water on the fouling and waited 10 minutes and then used a few cleaning patches to wipe off the fouling. Now I’ll continue with the “Seasoning” test using Froglube CLP.

After 2 Weeks of Cleaning (seasoning) with Froglube CLP

This is the final “Seasoning” test for Froglube CLP. I cleaned the test steel bar about 12 times in a 2 week period. Now I’m going to burn some powder and see if the “Seasoned” metal will clean easier.

Here’s the “Seasoning” test setup. The steel bar was cleaned about 12 times over a 2 week period. I poured about 40 grains of H4831 smokeless powder onto the test bar and will ignite it. I do this 2 times.

Here’s the powder burn.

And here’s the burnt on powder fouling. Now let’s see how easy it is to clean.

I added some Froglube Paste to the cleaning patch and tried cleaning the carbon area. It did not come off easily. I rubbed pretty vigorously with the patches. Some fouling was coming off but it would take a long time and more Froglube to clean this bar completely. I can’t say that the use of Froglube CLP over time will season you gun and make it easier to clean. I certainly can’t prove that. Maybe over years of use, it might season the metal. Who knows?

Froglube CLP is an excellent Lubricant and Protectant but it’s cleaning abilities are not on the same level as a water-based gun cleaner. It will clean fouling but it takes lots of brushing and scrubbing.

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