Froglube Super Degreaser

Froglube introduced their Super Degreaser as part of their Professional Grade product line. It’s designed to remove any and all petroleum based oils and cleaners. It’s great for removing Cosmoline from old WW II military rifles that were in storage. Froglube Super Degreaser will also remove carbon and powder fouling.

As with all Froglube products, the Super Degreaser is non-toxic and has a very pleasant odor. If you are ready to treat one of your guns with Froglube CLP, you might want to use the Super Degreaser first to remove all oils, cleaners and fouling. Then clean it again with the Froglube Solvent. Now it’s ready for the CLP treatment.

If you are interested in trying the Super Degreaser, here is a link…Froglube Super Degreaser at

Gun Cleaning Solvent Substitute

What is a good gun cleaning solvent substitute?

I get his question quite frequently. There are a few options that work extremely well and are cheap and found anywhere.

Here are my picks based on personal experience.

  1. Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner
  2. Dawn dish soap and water
  3. Warm water

I have tested these 3 extensively and they work!!! The trick is to soak the parts to be cleaned for 10 minutes and then wipe with clean patches. Just remember to thoroughly dry your firearm and then oil it quickly.

Here’s a link for the Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner….Simple Green Cleaner at